Monday, 4 July 2022

Well, Yes, And..?



... ok, who could possibly argue that this is wrong? 

I mean, you'd have to be an utter mouth-breating, room temperature IQ moron to not realise this. Or perhaps a deeply cynical opportunist who sees a chance for self-aggrandising publicity.

Yesterday, Labour MP Jess Phillips – who is campaigning for justice for the 21 killed in the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings, said it was ‘crass and insensitive’ to compare the seriousness of rape with murder.

Oh. Turns out it's 'both'. 


Anonymous said...

If this moron LEWIS plans to give amnesty to various murdering scum, I assume he will support the banning of shyster lawyers, norniron politicians, and the Gestapo branch of the norniron Police service, harassing those, who are now elderly and infirm, who fought for their country in the troubles, and now face accusations and charges of criminal activity, on very spurious evidence. Having spent several tours there, and fired back at armed ambushes, hoping against hope I killed several of the bastards, the thought of a British politician giving succour and comfort to terrorists fills me with horror. Perhaps he should change his name to Quisling?

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps he should change his name to Quisling?"

Perhaps. I await his announcement of a leadership campaign instead, though!