Saturday 29 February 2020

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DumbJon makes it a hat trick by pointing out the laughable nature of the progressives' latest plan of attack:

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Hector Drummond sums up the implicit dangers of the Caroline Flack case:
"‘Depression’ and ‘vulnerability’ cannot be get-out-of-jail cards for criminal behaviour. If you’re so seriously mentally ill that you need to be institutionalised then, sure, the state shouldn’t proceed with the charges. But if you’re compos mentis and able to enjoy the other fruits of life then you can’t say that you shouldn’t have to face up to what you’ve done just because it might depress you. Who wouldn’t be depressed by having to face court? If we continue down this road then nobody will ever have to face court, because everyone can use this sort of defence."
And Al Jahom on the immutable laws of the human condition:
"As the multicultural experiment has proceeded, it has become increasingly obvious that we are not a melting pot. We are groupish. We like people like us. We glom together. White people like to live around and do business with whites. We trust our own more than we trust the other. Blacks with blacks, Muslims with Muslims, Jews with Jews etc.
It’s not a wish, but it is an observable reality of every city in every Western country. We can wish all we like that Blue Mink were right when they sung Melting Pot. But they were not. How ever hard we stir the pot and however much we heat it over, the ingredients won’t stay mixed."

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A bit of a contrast in the ties for the winner this month, which as it's a leap year, seems only right!

First, it's Mark Wadsworth with some light-hearted film analysis. Then Fahrenheit211 tears into the West Midlands Police farce as only he can...

"So what a man gotta do? What a man gotta do? To be totally locked up by you?"

A father-of-three who punched an airline steward in the face during a drunken row before a stag party flight to Tenerife has escaped a jail term after blaming his boorish behaviour on...
Oooh, PTSD? A bad reaction to airsickness pills?
...the 'stress' of looking after his children.
Ginty, who has 15 previous convictions for 25 offences including possession of a firearm to cause fear, admitted assault and being drunk on the aircraft, but claimed that he had been stressed due to his daughter's self-harming.
Can't say I blame her...
Ginty, who is also the primary carer of two other young girls, must now complete 300 hours unpaid work, and seek therapy for 'stress'.
 How the hell is this man suitable to be a carer for anyone..?
Sentencing, Judge Sophie Mckone told Ginty that he had 'behaved like a drunken thug' and become 'abusive' to fellow passengers on May 8, 2018.
She added: 'You obviously have to appreciate entering an aircraft in that state then behaving in that way is very dangerous because it distracts the crew.
'You have started to have some therapy in relation to stress and I have thought very long and hard about this because you are the primary carer of two very young children who will be affected more than anybody if you were to be sent to prison.
'You have now made efforts to try and behave and in my view the public and safety of the public is best met by the sentence being suspended.'
Remember when we were told that more female judges were needed to 'enhance' the justice system?

Can anyone remember why...?

Friday 28 February 2020

Bureaucracy Kills...

A teenager who did not receive counselling he had been referred for took his own life.
Strangely, newspapers seem to be reporting the method a lot more than they used to...
Lauruell Clarke (Ed: !) was found dead at his home in Clayton Way, Hove, on October 11 last year.
His father Raymond Clarke returned home just after 7am and discovered the 14-year-old hanging from a loft hatch.
So, why didn't he receive the counselling?
An inquest into his death at Brighton Coroner’s Court yesterday heard Lauruell had been referred to the East Sussex Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) after he took an overdose of paracetamol in March last year.
Lauruell was seen on April 29 by the CAMHS duty team and was assessed as being low risk, with no diagnosis of a mental health condition. It was agreed he should have counselling through his school’s health and wellbeing service, but the referral was never made.
Peter Joyce, general manager at East Sussex CAMHS, said: “It was identified in our investigation that the worker did not process that information and send it across.
“The risk assessment was started but not signed off.”
Whether it would have made a difference is rather a moot point, I suppose.
The coroner recorded a conclusion of suicide and said: “I believe this was a spontaneous decision.
“Lauruell was a high achiever and he was loved and admired. There are so many pressures on young people these days, I’m never quite sure how they cope.”
Maybe not having a name that looks like mum & dad passed the bag of Scrabble tiles between them might help?

How Can It Be 'A Blight On The Landscape' If It's Underneath It?

A millionaire's plans to build an underground tunnel in his garden have enraged his wealthy neighbours – including the founders of Sweaty Betty and Oliver Bonas.
Who aren't his immediate neighbours. And on whom the tunnel will have no effect whatsoever.
Neighbours say the proposal has been dreamed up because the pensioner is too lazy to take ‘three steps across a public footpath’.
But Mr Chapman claims no one will notice the £10,000 tunnel – which will largely run through his land – and calls the objections ‘bonkers’.
Well, quite!
Mr Hill-Norton has become the face of the campaign opposing the tunnel, with many locals and the parish council backing the fight, claiming it will be a blight on the landscape.
It's underground. That's really the defining feature of a tunnel, isn't it? It's not like he wants to build a bridge!
‘It’s been approved by the Environment Agency, Natural England, and the local planning department, all the professionals,’ he said.
‘Our immediate neighbours have been cool with it. Yet there’s been an ongoing dispute over five years – as a result a certain personal animosity exists between Mr Sweaty Betty and me,’ he added.
So much money, so little common sense...

Thursday 27 February 2020

Your Conscience Has Consequence...But Not For You

Two men recruited into drug dealing in Bournemouth have been spared a prison term after a judge said such a decision would be akin to a "death sentence".
Morgan Okhiria, 23, and Abdifathi Ibrahim, 18, were arrested in Suffolk Road on October 20 after drawing the attention of two police officers in plain clothes.
Between them, they had packages of crack cocaine and heroin worth more than £2,500 in their pockets.
Neither of the defendants had even visited Bournemouth or been in trouble with the police before, and Ibrahim, who was just 17 at the time of the offence, suffers poor mental health.
That was in 2018. Fast forward, and it seems his 'poor mental health' hasn't improved:
This is the moment a homeless man was drop-kicked and stamped on by a gang of thugs outside McDonald's.
Abdifathi Ibrahim, 20, was among the violent mob who carried out the unprovoked attack in broad daylight in Bristol city centre.Ibrahim was jailed on Thursday for four and a half years by Judge Euan Ambrose at Bristol Crown Court.
Prosecutor James Haskell told the court it was pure luck that the victim was not seriously hurt from the unprovoked attack.
Now, it's entirely possible that this is a different mentally-challenged violent Somali youth of the same age and name. After all, the progressives have enriched our country so much.

But I'm betting it's the same one.
Mark Linehan, mitigating for Ibrahim, said the Somalian-born defendant had suffered "elements of neglect" in his childhood.
Judge Stephen Climie said the defendants were both "fairly classic candidates for a drugs operation", and raised particular concerns for Ibrahim.
"It could be a possible death sentence if I send him to custody - that's my assessment of it," he said.
"I am satisfied in both cases they were being put to work by others. That is quite clear.
"Just watching them, it's apparent that there's fear there."
And now it's everyone else who needs to fear. Well done, judge!
Ibrahim, of Halston Drive, Bristol, was sentenced to a three-year community order with 35 rehabilitation activity requirement days.
Okhiria, of Haredon Close, London, was also sentenced to a three-year community order, but will also carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and be the subject of a two-month curfew.
"I reserve any breaches of this order," Judge Climie said.
"This is an opportunity for you both to live real lives, however difficult life has been to date.
"This is your chance. Take it or don't, but that will be at your peril."
But it wasn't at his peril, was it?

Just What Is The Point?

Jupp said he was “shocked and embarrassed by his behaviour” and “apologetic”, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.
Yeah, they all say that. But inactions speak louder than words...
But despite getting a community order for his crimes, Jupp failed to turn up for unpaid work and did not respond to a final warning letter from the probation service.
So now he's where he belongs, behind bars. Right?

Don't be silly....
Jupp, now of Sugden Road, Worthing, was given a new 20-week suspended sentence and was ordered to complete 140 hours of unpaid work, with 20 rehabilitation sessions, or risk being sent to prison.
Yes, and what would you bet me he won't turn up for this, either?

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Oh, That Old Chestnut Again...

*yawns* It's been tried, progressives. It didn't work then.

It's OK, we've got the recipes.

Not Unnatural Causes In Their World...

In January Mr Lena, 20, went on trial at the Old Bailey along with Ramani Boreland and Mohammed Musse, both aged 21.
Mr Narvaez-Jara was stabbed in the chest at a party that Mr Lena had been attending.
Gosh, thanks, enrichment policy!
Another man, 18-year-old Israel Ogunsola, was also accused of involvement in the killing but died before the case came to trial.
Oh. Accident? Illness?
A teenager who "hunted" for an 18-year-old man before stabbing him to death in east London has been jailed for 17 years.
Israel Ogunsola was found wounded in Link Street, Hackney, on 4 April. He later died from his injuries.
Jonathan Abora, 18, was sentenced at the Old Bailey to life imprisonment with a minimum of 17 years and 152 days for the murder.
Police said "Abora did not act alone" and continue to investigate.
Ah. Occupational hazard, then...

Tuesday 25 February 2020

No, There's No Bias Here...

...that's why we, the main stream media, are focussing on the fact one man wants to shoot a bear.

Rather than the far more newsworthy fact that lots of others apparently don't:
“We get thousands of applications,” Grasser said on Friday. Whether anyone won came down to “pure chance, luck of the draw”.
But in the case of the bear-hunt permit the president’s son won, there was little competition. Twenty-four tags for hunting bears in that region went unclaimed, Grasser said.
So, either bunnyhuggers are buying tags they don't intend to use to stop others bear hunting, or there's no longer much interest in bear hunting.

Isn't either of these far more potentially interesting to an anti-hunting journalist?

Not Loved By Anyone Who Met Him On The Wrong Side Of The Road, I Assume..?

Caroline Beasley-Murray (Ed: yes, her again!), senior coroner recorded the pair died as a result of a road traffic crash.
An avoidable one? Oooh, yes, very much so:
Giving evidence Katherine Burke, from Essex Police’s forensic collision investigation unit, said the car was being driven on the wrong side of the road and hit a tree before landing on a driveway outside a home.
The inquest heard there were also three tyres on the vehicle which were below the legal limit for tread. One tyre was so worn, it was coming off the vehicle’s rim.
And the driver was drunk into the bargain.
The inquest heard Mr Batchelor was over the drink drive limit but no exact reading was given.
Maybe it was off the scale.
During the inquest, Mr Batchelor's family said: "He would never had got in the car if he wasn't fit.
"He hadn't had the car very long and hadn't check it all over."
Right, sure. It's easy to miss, I guess.
Ricky’s family paid their respects to a “kind-hearted and loving man”.
32-year-old Daniel Rowland from East London was the second man to die in the incident.
His wife, Kirsty, said her husband was “loved by everyone who met him”.
Not those who might have done so at speed on their side of the road, love.

Monday 24 February 2020

I Suppose A Plane Ticket Back To Bulgaria Is Out Of The Question?

Alfiya Musa will be homeless from today after her landlords ordered her to leave her home in Whitmore Way, Basildon.
The 26-year-old gave birth last month three months prematurely as she had to have an emergency C-section.
Now, her son is suffering from poor lungs and she fears he will just get worse with nowhere to stay.
Where is this boon to the British economy from?
Ms Mufa, who is originally from Bulgaria but has lived in Basildon for a year, sill has a job as an agency worker but fears for her son’s welfare.
A job that doesn't pay well enough for her to be here without recourse to the public purse?
She said: “My landlords have been telling me for a while that they did not want a child in the house.
“The house is old and they need to do a lot of work, which involves turning the gas and water off, so a child can’t live there.
“They gave me notice and I was working to find somewhere to go, but I had my son three months early which left me no time to find anywhere.
“I have been to the charities to try and help, but they don’t have capacity.
“When I went to the council, they said I was not eligible for them to re-house me, even though I’m on universal credit.”
Well, thank the Lord for th...

Oh, wait!
A spokesman for the council said: “We have not issued a decision that the housing applicant (Ms. Musa) is ineligible for assistance.
“However, we have been continuing our ongoing enquiries into the matter.
“The applicant has an appointment with our Housing Solutions Team today to discuss her situation further, when we will determine whether we have any ongoing duties towards her.
Can the answer please be 'No'..?

Rue, Britania....

Britania Hunter, 18, of Foxhall Road, Nottingham, was in court for breaching a court order.
Does that name seem familiar? Well, it should.
Dawn Pritchard, in mitigation, urged Judge Gregory Dickinson QC to mark the breach with further rehabilitation activity days. "I urge you to make the minimum amount," said Miss Pritchard at Nottingham Crown Court.
"She is on track. She still has 19 to do."
She's not exactly shifting herself, is she?
She was one of six young women who were sentenced for affray arising from the incident involving Mariam at a bus stop in November 2018.
Hunter's sentence had been a community order for 12 months, 28 rehabilitation activity days and 40 hours of unpaid work.
That's most of them, then....
The judge gave her an extra five rehabilitation activity days "to get on and do this as soon as you can".
"I explained to you that this is not an option, it is not a choice. You must do it. You obviously took that firmly on board when we met last time. You have knuckled down".
She's done very little! What's the point of giving her more? At this rate, they'll still be outstanding when she's drawing an old age pension!

Saturday 22 February 2020

"It's Your Fault For Wanting To Stay Warm!"

The problems stem from a decision by Falkirk Council to install new, eco-friendly boilers in around 900 council properties over the past ten years, in a project costing £6 million.
The homes were previously heated by coal fires and storage heaters. Instead, the Thermaflow boilers use electricity to heat water and warm homes — which means residents don't need gas.
Hurrah for the Greens! We're all saved from glob...

On this deal, they were charged two different rates. They paid 7p per kilowatt hour (kWh) for their heating, and 12p/kWh for powering appliances and lighting.
But the supplier has since hiked the prices, to 16p/kWh and 18p/ kWh respectively — rates described by one expert as 'absolutely outrageous'.
On top of this, residents are now finding that they are barred from switching to another deal because the way their meters were set up means they are not compatible with most other tariffs on the market. So, to switch to a new deal, they would have to pay as much as £250 for an electrician to change their meter.
Well, of course! If you get to choose, you're the consumer. If someone else chooses for you, you're the open wallet waiting to be pilfered.

It's why public sector contractors can charge £1000 to move a computer from one desk to another...
A Scottish Power spokesman says: 'These customers are not prevented from switching, all suppliers have an obligation to provide a tariff to support these meter types. To address the root cause of the problem, that many customers are using high levels of energy, we're working with Falkirk Council and making a £1 million fund available for energy efficiency and insulation measures.'
When someone's selling something, and claims that high demand for that something is a 'problem', normal people smell a rat.
A council spokesman confirmed an independent contractor was visiting homes to review boiler performance, but had not yet identified any significant issues.
Because there's nothing wrong with the boilers, except it's cold in Scotland and people want to use them...
George Curtis, of Thermaflow, insists the boilers are not to blame and puts the soaring bills down to energy providers hiking prices and residents using boilers incorrectly.
How dare they expect to use them to keep warm? And despite this disaster, are second thoughts being had by the state?

Reader, they are not.

More Woke Gaming...

Which word? 'Planet'? 'Journey'?
It ain’t perfect, but it’s got heart. It’s a succinct and loving throwback to the Metroid Prime series that fills a pretty specific niche in a sea full of service games that want to become your part-time job. But I have to be honest, I hate seeing the word “savage” in a game about exploration.
Oh. Of course.
My eyes rolled right the fuck out of my head when I read the title of this game at its reveal at the 2018 Game Awards. I know I sound like a wet blanket, but just… hear me out.
I have to admin, the tem 'wet blanket' wasn't the first to spring to mind. But this is a family blog...
The word savage has a long history being used to justify violent behaviour by colonisers.
I’m not asking for Journey to the Savage Planet to have some super poignant message at every turn, but according to Hutchinson, the game is meant to have a “tone of sort of early science-fiction of hopefulness.” But it’s worth asking whose hope it is we’re talking about.
The hope of gamers that this will be a game with few bugs and a sensible XP system?
I’m not going to die because of the title of this game or its story’s lack of conviction. Like I said, this ain’t new. I even thought the game was pretty fun! But that “emotional purchase” Hutchinson talks about hits a little differently when history paints some of us as savages – Columbus Day is still a national holiday.
And always will be.

Friday 21 February 2020

Why Not Just Re-Use The Other Reports..?

Ian Cliff, representing Lee, told the court that he had been remanded in custody since he was arrested in January.
He also told the court that Lee was on his “third strike” having committed drugs crimes before the incident.
Then he's going d...

Mr Cliff asked Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: *groans*) to delay the sentencing for six weeks to allow for a report to be prepared into Lee’s situation.
What's another report going to tell her that the others didn't?
Judge Leigh agreed to adjourn the sentencing hearing until the week commencing March 23 at the same court.
By which time, when she eventually gets around to passing a sentence, it'll probably have to take into account the time on remand, and he'll walk.

Straight back to his spot to deal drugs again.

They Don't Do It On Their Own Doorstep...

A Bromley businesswoman responsible for numerous rubbish bags filled with food waste dumped in a skip hired by another trader has been fined.
A good old Bromley name, I assume..?
Fikriye Halil of Ebury Close, Keston...
...appeared at Bromley Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to the fly-tipping incident was ordered to pay a total of £1198 in fines and costs.
Two men were caught on CCTV depositing 12 black bags in the early hours of May 21, making off in a vehicle registered to Ms Halil.
Stupid to let them use the vehicle. But not so stupid as to make sure they dumped it well away from her own £1mil property.

Thursday 20 February 2020

Speed Kills!

...unless it's us police, then it's perfectly fine, citizen!
A police driving instructor clocked speeds of 101mph in a 30mph area, a court heard.
PC Paul Brown, 48, of Norwich, denied 16 driving offences while in an unmarked police BMW X5.
But wait, really, I mean, how can they possibly catch criminals if they can't keep up with them? After all ...

Oh. Hang on.
The court heard PC Brown had asked to borrow the car from Norfolk Police's driving school in Wymondham to attend a meeting at City College Norwich on 30 April 2019.
I've been to some criminal meetings in mt time, but none that justified those speeds...
Footage showed him overtaking traffic at high speed on Newmarket Road, going through red lights and reaching 122mph on the A11.
At least this one had his lights on. That's something, I suppose.
He was cleared of the charges after telling the court he was carrying out continuous professional development (CPD) - a mandatory requirement.
Well, well, well...
PC Brown argued he was lawfully exempt from traffic laws as he was carrying out his CPD and the court heard he was "shocked" to have faced charges.
It was heard there was no national or local policy as to how CPD should be carried out.
Really? I though policy was paramount in the public sector?
Norfolk Police Federation welcomed his acquittal. Chairman Andy Symonds said: "He was perfectly entitled in law to use his exemptions because he was using CPD.
"There needs to be some clear expectations and guidance given to officers because there's a risk another officer could find themselves prosecuted.
"Luckily and rightly the right result was received."
Was it?

H/T: Peter Wells via email

I Think Someone Needs A Dictionary....

They could look up the word 'rehabilitation' in it, for a start.
Benje Howard, also known as Kingdom Rapper, said he spent much of his childhood with the wrong people, becoming involved with gangs at a young age.
Who better to teach young people to steer clear of the wrong path in life..?
He will be working with up to 16 inmates serving time for assault, knife crime, gang and drug offences.
He told Nottinghamshire Live: "It is a music project with the inmates and we are going to record an album.
"They have stories too, even though they have committed a crime.
"They will already have a knowledge of rapping."
Yes. I just bet they do! So...why do they need more 'teaching'..?
A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, which runs HMP Nottingham, said: "Kingdom Rapper has done work with HMP Nottingham over the last few months and we are looking at another project with him but it is too early to say what it will look like."
Oh, I don't think it is, somehow....

Wednesday 19 February 2020

"Women Hardest Hit!" Pt7823549

Earlier this year my daughter’s primary school, in a laudable quest for eco-credentials, banned all plastics. No bags. No bottles. No cling film. No juice cartons. No plastic packaging of any kind. That included all birthday treats, too. The cakes or sliced-up tray bakes must now be home-baked and arrive in a reusable box.
Of course, no one complained about this publicly. What are we, monsters?
No, idiots, for putting up with this control freakery....
But once again it’s the lives of mothers (mostly) that get more complicated, our to-do lists subtly longer, our mental load gaining another item (or three).
Then you should stop meekly acquiescing, shouldn't you?

What happened to 'I am woman, hear me roar (at the Green fruitcakes and their endless virtue signalling)!'..?
It won’t take much longer to make an oaty bar, but who buys the ingredients? Who will clean up afterwards? Yes, I can bake cupcakes, but, you know, it’s another thing to do after a long day at work and not all women like to bake.
You have noticed that every supermarket - and even Greggs! - sels the things ready-baked, haven't you?
Once you start looking, you notice that much of the urgent planet-saving work is falling to women.
Waaah! Waah! That's because you're too stupid to balk at doing it!
Eradicating plastic from a school is a commendable aim. But perhaps if we put just as much effort into levelling the domestic playing field, it wouldn’t feel like such a chore. Dads want to save the planet, too — let’s use the eco-crusade to speed up the rate at which they step up at home.
Or...maybe you could both band together and tell the school where to get off, instead?

Nice To See This For A Change...

By which I mean, an Essex Police officer who doesn't have it stuck firmly up his arse!

Pity about the wall, though...
A spokesman for Essex Police said: "Two cars, including a police car, were in collision in London Road, Leigh at around 8.10pm Sunday.
"The police car, which was on blue lights and sirens at the time, was then also in collision with a building.
"The driver of the police car has sustained a broken thumb." Police have appealed for information regarding the crash.
Your 'experienced pursuit driver' clearly wasn't. What more do you need to know?

Tuesday 18 February 2020

The Silent Killer....

Gosh, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is a real mystery, and...

Oh. Wait. That headline's not entirely accurate:
A “bright and friendly” man tragically died after taking drugs, an inquest heard.
Ah. That's pretty significant.
At the hearing, coroner’s officer Kirsty Roberts said: “He had a medical history of anxiety and depressive disorder.
“He was known to mental health services.
“On the evening of the July 29 he complained of feeling unwell to his parents and went to bed.
“On July 30 his family found him unresponsive in his bed. Paramedics attended and sadly confirmed his death.
“A post-mortem examination was carried out on August 1 at Southend Hospital.
“A cause of death was given as 1A mixed drug toxicity and part two, acute bronchopneumonia.”
Traces of codeine, pregabalin and morphine were found in his system.
Pregabalin is prescribed for epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and generalized anxiety disorder. The codeine and morphine, who knows?
The family said: “We know that he didn’t intend to take his own life. We had things arranged, he definitely didn’t.”
Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray recorded a conclusion that Mr Goodburn had died as a result of an accident, contributed to by natural causes.
Yeah, she would....

It's Only 'Shocking' Because It Doesn't Happen Often Enough...

Shocking footage taken outside an illegal rave in London shows police brutally dragging youths from the scene while others are filmed being held down by officers in riot gear.
Witnesses at the scene in the Neasden area said they had 'never seen anything like it' and that officers had 'threatened them with dogs' after police descended on the event at around 10.30pm on Saturday night.
Good! I'd imagine that was much to the relief of neighbours, the fire service and paramedics service who'd otherwise have to bear the fallout...
Hundreds of youths had been in attendance at the unlicensed music event which had been hosted at a newly-refurbished warehouse in the area.
You know how you can avoid being dragged from a venue or staring down the throat of a snarling police dog?

Go to a licenced event, dummy!
'They are supposed to be the people that keep us safe and they are the people making us feel less safe,screaming in our faces and threatening us with the dogs.
'They were violent towards 80 per cent of the people there'.
Awww, diddums!

Monday 17 February 2020

Won't Someone Clean This Augean Stables?

‘It appears that the vital ingredient within the Met for achieving rapid promotion, a peerage or a hefty pension is incompetence, gullibility and severe lack of judgment. Cressida Dick… should be held to account for allowing these rewards for obvious failure.’
Says which right wing demagogue who hates the modern police service for political reasons?

Well, no. Someone with every reason to do so, for very personal reasons, actually. Edward Heath's godson.
Mrs Tudway, lambasted in a judge-led official report into Operation Midland, was promoted from Detective Chief Inspector to Detective Superintendent in July 2017.
Her elevation came eight months after the police watchdog launched an inquiry into how she and two junior colleagues obtained search warrants to raid the homes of VIPs including ex-head of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Lord Bramall and former home secretary Leon Brittan.
Mrs Tudway’s promotion was confirmed three months after Dame Cressida, who authorised the setting up of Operation Midland in November 2014 and whose conduct in the case has been referred to watchdogs, took over as head of the Met.
How cozy, eh?
Mrs Tudway had close dealings with Beech and spent 17 hours watching his interviews from ‘beginning to end’ and ‘believed’ him, according to a withering report by ex-High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques.
But remember, we need more women in the force, because they bring their 'unique outlook' with them!
Last July the Independent Office for Police Conduct announced Mrs Tudway had been cleared of misconduct in Operation Midland, saying there was nothing to suggest she ‘acted in bad faith or intentionally misled the judge’ who granted the search warrants.
Clearly, as good at hiding the evidence as they are poor at finding it!

What Does The West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit Do...?

Does it bust country lines drug dealing rings? Does it foil armed blaggings?

No. It...well...err....
"If you see any of these on their computer, or have a child you think is hacking, let us know so we can give advice and engage them into positive diversions," intones the offending poster, forwarded to us by a reader and which we reproduce below in all its glory.
Observant readers will have spotted the National Crime Agency logo alongside that of the WMROCU. Strangely enough, the NCA was not at all impressed to have been linked with this obvious bollocks.
Whoops! Some less-than-IT-savvy cop is in for an interview without coffee, I suspect...
Let's hope West Midlands Police learns something useful from this cockup.
Now, there's the triumph of hope over experience!

Saturday 15 February 2020

"I guess I just wasn't made for these times..."

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine have backed a boycott of their former band the Beach Boys, who are booked to perform at an event organised by...
Oh no! Surely, someone beyond the pale? The Ku Klux Klan?
...hunting group Safari Club International.
Oh. Of course...
Wilson tweeted: “This organisation supports trophy hunting, which both Al and I are emphatically opposed to. There’s nothing we can do personally to stop the show, so please join us in signing the petition.”
Isn't this rather unAmerican? As, indeed, the group points out:
Love said in a statement that the concert would go ahead as planned: “We look forward to a night of great music in Reno and, as always, support freedom of thought and expression as a fundamental tenet of our rights as Americans.”
If you don't like hunting, then the answer's simple. Don't hunt.

"...a disproportionate interference with the claimant's right to freedom of expression because of their potential chilling effect."

Harry did indeed speak. And the judge listened:
Speaking after the ruling, Mr Miller, from Lincolnshire, said: "This is a watershed moment for liberty - the police were wrong to visit my workplace, wrong to 'check my thinking'."
His solicitor Paul Conrathe added: "It is a strong warning to local police forces not to interfere with people's free speech rights on matters of significant controversy."
However, there's no sign whatsoever that this will deter them one iota...
Humberside Police said it accepted the court's decision, adding: "The mere recording of the incident by Humberside Police as a hate incident has been ruled as not unlawful and in accordance with the College of Policing (CoP) guidance.
"Our actions in handling the incident were carried out in good faith but we note the comments of the judge and we will take learning from this incident moving forward."
Meaning they'll still record it, but won't tell you about it, perhaps?
Responding to the ruling, Helen Belcher, who co-founded Trans Media Watch, said: "I think trans people will be worried it could become open season on us because the court didn't really define what the threshold for acceptable speech was.
"I think it will reinforce an opinion that courts don't understand trans lives and aren't there to protect trans people."
It's not the purpose of the courts to 'protect' one group above another.

And from what? Other people's opinions of you?

Friday 14 February 2020

The Mysterious Incident Of The Dog In The Fall...

A dog was reportedly thrown from a shopping centre car park into an open air market where it hit a woman.
And since she ended up in hospital, I'm assuming it wasn't a chihuahua...
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has died after the horrific fall in Wigan today.
Oh. Of course.
"The police were in attendance and investigating the matter and we are providing our full cooperation."
A GMP spokesman said: "At around 1.35pm on Monday 3 February 2020 police were called to a report of an injured dog in Wigan.
"A dog believed to be a Staffordshire bull terrier - fell from a car park at the Galleries on Market Square in Wigan. The dog was taken away by vets for assessment and was later put to sleep.
"No arrests have been made".
Did Fido fall, or was he pushed? Surely, with CCTV coverage, someone should know..?

In Loco Parentis..?

A secondary school pupil has been told to stay at home “for his own safety” after being beaten up twice since December.
The boy’s mum claims her 16-year-old son, who attends Cecil Jones Academy (Ed: yeah, this place...), has been kept in isolation at school, and has now been told to stay at home by senior leaders.
The advice comes after he was beaten up by a 13-strong gang twice in two months.
That includes one attack outside the school, in Eastern Avenue, Southend, in early December, in which the gang waited for her son outside the nearby McDonald’s and chased him to Garon Park. His mum claims they then attacked him and threatened him with a knife.
The second, on Wednesday last week, saw him attacked on the school grounds.
And the best the school - sorry, 'academy' - can do is suggest he doesn't come in?
The 46-year-old said: “My son has been put in isolation and told to stay at home, while the bullies are still allowed to go to lessons. They’ve been allowed to walk free.
“I don’t know where to turn. He’s got his GCSEs coming up this year. His mental health is really suffering.
“I’m now forking out hundreds of pounds for private tuition for him.
“There was an incident while we were sat inside the headteacher’s office last week. The gang called my son and threatened him with a knife. The phone was on speaker, they heard it all [but] they are treating him like a criminal.”
Hmmmm. This is criminal. What are the police doing?
The Loxford School Trust, which runs Cecil Jones Academy, stated that it could not comment on an ongoing police investigation, but it reassured parents that the safety of pupils is of “paramount concern”.
Essex Police confirmed an investigation has been launched following reports a teenage boy was assaulted by a group of people in Southend. Anyone with information on the incidents should call Essex Police on 101.
Ah. Like I suspected. Sod all.

Thursday 13 February 2020

" was not what you expect in a family restaurant at lunchtime."

Sarah Pritchard, 35, lost her temper in the queue at the busy eatery, grappling with mum-of-one Joanne Blanche, 50. The victim was about to spoon a ladle of gravy over her roast potatoes when Pritchard grabbed her arm.
Totally understandable, as a non-gravy-user myself...
Others diners ran for cover as Pritchard grappled with mother-of-one Mrs Blanche at the counter.
Why? Did they fear getting caught in some sort of Brussel sprout-related crossfire?
No compensation order was made to Mrs Blanche who was left chicken and bruised by the attack just before Christmas.
I think that should have been 'shaken and bruised' but who knows what was on the menu?

H/T: Libertarian via email

"Can I have a vowel, please, Carol?"

Gosh, those benefits of diversity, eh?
Abdulgalil Aldobhani was arrested at Terminal Two with his girlfriend Aseel Arar, 35, who had purchased them one-way tickets to Morocco.
And why did we stop them? Foreigners killing other foreigners...
Mustafa Aldobhani was jailed for life with a minimum term of 22-and-a-half years.
Abdulgalil Aldobhani was jailed for life with a minimum term of 24 years and Shaddad was jailed for life with a minimum term of 23 years.
Great! Now the taxpayer's on the hook...

Wednesday 12 February 2020

Just Another Night Out In Grays...

Adam Price got into a fight with two people on Grays High Street after he was drunkenly walking around asking for violence.
When the two people he started on armed themselves and assaulted him in return, he fled up the high street, and returned with a sword, swinging it around.
Adam was clearly never told to be careful what you ask for....
The 29-year-old's sister Rosie Price, 24, tried multiple times to calm the situation, but anger overcame her and she threw a brick in the direction of the two men.
*rolls eyes*
The incident happened in June 2018, but later the same year, Price drew his sword again.
What, he was allowed to keep it after the first time?
He came to his partner's home where she was there with two children, and in his drunken state, dropped a pizza on the floor.
When his partner asked him to pick it up, he became enraged and hurled abuse at her, assaulted her and broke her phone. The woman fled the home to her neighbour who called the police.
At this point, Price took off his shirt, got his sword and started hacking the front door of the neighbour's home, where three children were cowering in fear.
Lovely! Pity the cops didn't turn up armed and do society a favour...
Adam and Rosie Price, of Park Avenue and Lodge Lane, Grays, appeared at Basildon Crown Court today for sentencing.
Adam Price admitted affray, two counts of possessing a sword, two counts of criminal damage and common assault.
Rosie Price was previously found guilty of affray in relation to her brick-throwing.
Can't wait for the mitigation...
Mitigation for Rosie Price said her involvement was minimal and had resulted in her anger getting the better of her after trying to peacefully calm her brother and the situation.
Mitigation for Adam Price said that he has long suffered with a disjointed education and cannot read or write, but he is attending literacy classes in prison and was remorseful for his actions.
Who on earth would belie...

Oh. Of course.
Judge Samantha Cohen (Ed: Oh...) told Adam Price he had behaved in an "aggressive, violent and outrageous way" saying his partner and children "would have been utterly terrified" of his attacks with a sword.
Rosie Price received a 12 month community order and 30 days rehabilitation.
Adam Price received six months for affray, 15 and 16 months for possessing the sword on two occasions, to run consecutively. He received concurrent sentences for criminal damage and assault, totalling three years and one month in jail.
Why the difference?

Who Could Have Predicted This..?

A new food bank has opened after the existing site struggled to cope with rising demand for its services.
Oh, of course. We all could.
Within six months of its launch, the service had seen more than 1,000 food parcels collected by families.
It has recently found it is oversubscribed and cannot meet the needs of people in the area.
Or the desires...
A sign will be put in place to show people where to go and organisers said the site was open not just to people in Hassocks but also anyone from the wider Sussex area who may need it.
Volunteer Natalie Meehan, who has helped publicise the opening of the food bank, said: “It’s really shocking that the need for community food banks is so prevalent in somewhere as seemingly affluent as Sussex.”
It's not 'shocking' at all. You're giving away free stuff. Of course there's a demand!

Tuesday 11 February 2020

The Usual Suspects...

Green councillor Leo Littman and Labour councillor John Allcock are behind the move.
You'll never guess what 'the move' is, from that, will you?
They are calling on the council’s chief executive Geoff Raw to write to the Home Secretary Priti Patelrestating our offer to house child refugees”.
Clearly, the most important issue facing their constituents.
The council is understood to have offered to house 100 children as part of the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme which was set up by the Home Office.
The scheme is aimed at finding homes for “vulnerable refugee children from conflict zones in the Middle East and North Africa”, the two councillors said.
They added: “This scheme has been running for three years and was designed to resettle 3,000 and yet, so far, a mere 20 unaccompanied minors have been allowed into the UK under it.”
I guess the other 80 didn't pass the vetting. Or turned out not to be children at all!
They also said: “Parliament has jettisoned a commitment to safeguard asylum-seeking minors’ rights to reunite with their families in the UK as part of the Brexit Bill.
On Wednesday, January 8 they said, “MPs voted 348 to 252 against an amendment to protect the right of refugee children to reunite with their families in the UK.”
Good. That's what Parliament is for. Protecting the rights of our citizens.

Well, Why Not? The Taxpayer's Picking Up The Tab, Again...

A rapist who dodged deportation after a mutiny by plane passengers will next month launch another bid to avoid being booted out of Britain.
Yes, it's this thorn in our side again.
Ahmed, who was first told he was liable for deportation in 2010, was released on bail in March last year, but detained again shortly afterwards because he ripped off an electronic tag and tried to flee the country.
I wonder why we didn't just let him? Is it because we know there'd be no checks on him returning under an assumed name?
At that stage, 12 years of criminal trials, prison costs and immigration cases involving Ahmed – who receives legal aid – were estimated to have cost British taxpayers more than £330,000. That figure is set to soar now he has won the right to argue his case for a judicial review hearing.
Once again, the only ones winning are the lawyers...

Monday 10 February 2020

The Reformed Are Always The Most Passionate...

Smokers, most of all. And now we can add former progressives:
In order to maintain the fantasy that our sex is unconnected to our bodies, the truth must be bent and beaten in the fire of academic language. That is why trans activists talk about sex being ‘assigned at birth’ – an abuse of language, if ever I heard one. Is the sex of a newborn ‘assigned’ by a capricious midwife? Of course not. Rather it is observed and recorded as a matter of fact.
‘Assigned’ is one of the more successful hijackings of English achieved by gender ideologues, yet you will hear it parroted across many organisations from the NHS to the BBC – the sort of institution where you really would expect people to know better.
Says which transgressor against progressive orthodoxy? Why, none other than Graham Linehan, former darling of the BBC crowd, for his portrayal of organised religion in 'Father Ted'. And enthusiastic supporter of right-on causes like abortion rights and the removal of Page 3.

Who unfortunately thought that granted him immunity from the identity politics crowd.

Until he made the mistake of declaring biological reality existed and was immutable. And the mob turned on him, as of course, mobs are wont to do...
I’m worried we’re entering an era of pre-chewed, prissy art that offends no one. But it’s not comedy writers who are the victims of all this: it is women who are the real casualties.
Gender ideology is a disaster for women. They are expected to make room for men in their changing rooms and their safe spaces. They are being robbed of the language to describe their reality by unintelligible academic ‘gender experts’, by teenagers encouraging each other online, by parents who are profoundly mistaken, and by well-meaning people who, confused by the ever-changing terminology, still believe they are defending what used to be called transsexuals. All these forces working together are, whether they know it or not, providing a smokescreen for fetishists, conmen and misogynists to pursue their own agenda.
In years to come, we will look back at this scandal, at the ruined bodies, the confused crime statistics, the weakening of safeguarding and the rollback of women’s rights and wonder how it was left to go on for so long.
Because those institutions you sneer at were taught, by progressives, to genuflect to the 'offended', of course, under pain of boycott, legal action and campaign. By people like you.

It's your petard. Enjoy it.

Karma Is The Best Justice System...

Jack Wood was banned from driving after leading police on a high-speed chase from the A23 Brighton, through Burgess Hill and Cuckfield, eventually being stopped in Balcombe.
The 20-year-old went the wrong way round roundabouts in a stolen car before police used spikes and boxed him in. He was given a suspended prison sentence at Hove Crown Court in May last year.
But in August, he was caught riding a stolen moped.
Of course he was. Well, for a time, anyway:
He was involved in a crash that left him needing his leg to be amputated.
He appeared at Brighton Crown Court in a wheelchair and it was revealed he was struggling with the treatment for his injuries.
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.
Yogain Chandarana, defending, said Wood was no longer able to work as a builder. He said: “The impact on him and his family has been profound. It has caused him to have mental health difficulties, in the depths of despair. He used to be a happy go lucky young man, but now he doesn’t like to leave his room.”
Good! He'll find it pretty hard to steal things from there, unless he's really good with computers!
Wood, of Framlingham Crescent, Mottingham, London, wept as Judge Arnold granted him a conditional discharge.
She said he would have gone to jail, but his rehabilitation needs could not be met by the prison system. she said: “The injury you have suffered is enormous punishment already.”
I disagree, but I have to say, it's a lot more effective than the justice system at protecting the public...

Saturday 8 February 2020

Would A Cowcatcher On The Front Help...?


It is, of course, the disabled lobby.
Sherrie Fox lives in Hove and relies on an electronic wheelchair to get around due to several long-term health conditions.
The 54-year-old said: “It was a lovely day and everyone was out on the promenade, it was beautiful.
“But half the path was completely blocked with pebbles. So I could not walk along the railings and, because it was busy, I could not even get a look at the sea.
“I live with pain 24/7 and going over pebbles makes this worse.”
So stay off that beach!Is a look at the sea worth the pain?
Sherrie said: “The council are probably thinking it will happen again but they have got to think of people like me who want to enjoy the promenade.
“You expect the pebbles to be there the days after a big storm but by the second day you would think there would be an effort to clean it, it’s the council’s duty to keep the place tidy.
“I’m Brightonian and I have seen a whole lot of decline over the years, it’s just not the same any more.”
This is a council that can't sweep the rubbish off the streets for weeks, or remove smelly drug addicts sleeping in tents. Why do you think they will deal with pebbles that are going to be deposited the very next day by another storm?
Kieran McDonald encountered similar problems when he tried to visit the beach with his family, including his daughter who has mobility issues.
The police officer said: “If you have a shingle beach then you should have a budget to clear that up after a storm.
“It is not OK to close the beach to less able-bodied people for two weeks.”
He said he had contacted Wish ward councillor Robert Nemeth about the problem.
Last word goes to the commenters:

The sad thing is, they probably do expect this. But put up the rates, and they'll scream 'poverty'.

"Bring me margaritas, champagne and red wine, we're gonna have a party where we all cross the line"

A youth jumped out the top window of a bus being escorted by police.
Video footage captures the moment chaos erupted while police were escorting a bus-load of children back from a house party in Hangleton on Friday night.
That's policing's job now? Seriously?
One teen can be seen jumping out a top window, which had already been smashed, while others rushed off the lower deck and out onto Sackville Road, Hove.
What were the 'escorts' doing? Couldn't they have arrested the vandals?
The boss of Brighton and Hove buses has spoken out following the arrest of a male for criminal damage.
Managing director Martin Harris said: “What a senseless act of vandalism to wilfully damage one of our buses, buses that people in this city rely on every day to get around.
“Our Police Liaison Officer and our other colleagues always work closely to support the police in these situations and we will, of course, supply police with CCTV of the incident.”
Why do you need to rely on camera footage? Weren't there police at the scene?

Yes. Lots!
Police Liaison Officer, PC Jackson, who works for the bus company and Sussex Police on public transport issues, supported police by helping people leave the area on a 5B bus.
Multiple police units, including PC Jackson, followed the bus as it travelled.
But didn't see nuffin', guv....

Friday 7 February 2020

At Least The Lawyers Are Winning...

...but then, they always do, don't they?
Mr Webb was taken to court before then spending three nights on remand in a cell at Addiewell Prison in West Lothian - more than 100 miles away from his home.
He claims that he did not receive an explanation or apology by the officers even after he was eventually released.
Mr Webb made a formal complaint for wrongful arrest soon after but this was rejected after two years of deliberation and was instead attributed to a 'quality of service issue'.
I'm only surprised that anyone felt they could expect a quality service from Police Scotland!
He went on to contact the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner who ordered that five officers who had been involved were arrested and reported over allegations of criminal neglect of duty and attempting to pervert the course of justice to the Crown Office.
But after a further two-year investigation it was decided that none of those involved would be prosecuted.
Gosh. I'm shocked. Shocked...
Three of the officers have now retired and it is unclear whether any have faced - or will face - disciplinary action.
 Oh, I think it's pretty clear.
It is now thought that one of the officers is in fact suing the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner over his arrest by investigators.
YCMIU, could you?

I've Found Out Why Police Won't Attend Your Burglary!

A man appeared in court for...
Theft? Knife crime? Child or animal cruelty?
...sending a message to slur (sic) to a woman on Facebook.
Ah. Of course. The 'offence' so beloved of today's lazy modern copper - one with a Designated State Approved Victim and one that can be solved with a few clicks of a mouse.
Alex Francis called the woman a “two faced slag” in the offensive message.
Shrug GIF from Shrug GIFs

Not exactly crime of the century, is it?

The 29-year-old, of Elphick Road, Newhaven, admitted sending an indecent or offensive message at Brighton Magistrates’ Court.
It was sent with the “purpose of causing distress or anxiety”, the court was told.
He was given a conditional discharge, and must pay a £21 surcharge and £85 costs.
What a total waste of the court's time...

Thursday 6 February 2020

What Are They 'Safeguarding' Them From..?

The Cornelius Vermuyden School, in Dinant Avenue, Canvey has been ordered to improve by Ofsted.
As part of a critical report, inspectors raised concerns about lessons being repeated.
A culture of reading is not established and systems to improve the reading skills of the weakest pupils are in early stages.
“Too many pupils are not able to fully access the curriculum because of a low reading ability.”
Translation: They are neglected at home.

I could read and write before I was in school, because my parents and grandparents taught me.

I didn't have 'behavioural issues', either:
It adds: “Behaviour, although improving, is not yet good enough. Pupils are prevented from learning in too many lessons due to the poor behaviour of a minority of pupils.
“Teachers are not consistently using the behaviour systems to manage their classrooms and some need further support and training.”
Or sacking.
The academy, which was rated as ‘good’ in May 2015, was, however, praised for safeguarding the pupils.
From what..?

It Takes Two To Tango...

Speaking after the court hearing, the family of the boy, who did not want to be identified, said: "We are deeply saddened at the very poor choices of the driver of the car which hit our son, the consequences of which have had an indescribable impact on our family and will do so for years ahead as our son bravely continues with his recover (sic).”
Clearly, State pensions are too high if a 74 year old can afford cocaine!

But why was he only charged with drug-driving?
The Crown Prosecution Service said there was "no evidence" that the defendant's driving was at fault and added two witnesses had seen the boy ride his bike into the path of Pennick's car, despite nearby traffic lights showing a green light to road users.

Wednesday 5 February 2020

The English Language Means Nothing Anymore...

TV dating show fans have begged for producers to intervene after a contestant was branded “dangerous”.
Oh, good lord! It's not another dig at a man who likes to indulge in a hobby the progressives don't care for, is it?

Are they now claiming he's one step away from going full-on 'Most Dangerous Game' and tracking his fellow contestants with a view to putting their heads on a wall (I might actually watch it if that's the case...)..?

Oh, no, wait, they must have another victim, since he's been hounded off. So, who is it this time?
Fans called for Connor Durman to be removed from Love Island after an expletive-laden rant on Friday night. Coffee bean salesman and part-time naked butler Connor said he felt “f***ing uncomfortable” after his love interest in the show Sophie Piper paid compliments to fellow contestants.
And...wait, how is that 'dangerous'?
Fans were shocked by his outburst, with many viewers taking to social media pleading with the show bosses to remove Connor, of Worthing, due to his “dangerous” tendencies.
Connor had already apologised for his controlling behaviour in the show last week.
Bad move. You can't appease people like this. You shouldn't even try.
Fans shared their concerns when he lost his temper with Sophie after she celebrated the arrival of two new boys into the TV dating show’s villa. Connor, 25, said he felt “mugged off” by her reaction and pulled the 21-year-old aside to “speak to her”.
She explained she had only been “joking with the girls”. But Connor failed to see the funny side as Sophie was chosen by new boy, 6ft 3in model Connagh Howard, to go for a date and later shared a smooch with him in a game of “beer pong dares”.
Fans called the behaviour “controlling” with one viewer saying: “Connor is so controlling having the audacity to talk to Sophie like that, I’m fuming.”
The future of mankind is doomed, if these morons are representative of the next generation...

If This Is The Defence...

Adrian Rohard, defending the brothers, said they came from a family with "an infamous reputation" and were expected to fight with other siblings at Christmas "to see which child finished on top"
....what must the prosecution have said?!
The three were each given an eight-month jail sentence suspended for two years and carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. They were also ordered to pay £428 compensation and £340 in court costs.
That'll teach 'em!
...half way through the case at Maidstone Crown Court, the judge invited them to pen their regrets before sentencing them.
I'd like to invite the judge to pen his resignation letter...

Tuesday 4 February 2020

"Oh No, They're Onto Us!"

 It seems some progressives are sensing which way the wind's blowing...

The exchange set in motion a predictable chain of events: Fox began a tour of Britain’s TV and podcast studios, making a series of increasingly reactionary and attention-seeking statements. Across left-leaning social media, meanwhile, Fox was mocked with a mix of amusement, disdain and pity.
And that was noted. What was also noted was that the man on the Clapham Omnibus...wasn't mocking. He was agreeing.

But the Left think that's something they can brush off, to stay cocooned in their little bubble. Ellie, however, is aware of the pitfalls of this approach:
But focusing on the shallowness of Fox’s opinions elides the most important element of the Question Time spectacle: the fact that a significant chunk of the audience groaned as soon as the phrase “white privilege” was uttered. Fox was not the only person in that studio who was weary of contemporary antiracist discourse, and he wasn’t the only person willing to show it.
The fact that she describes this as 'more people willing to show it' is the key: the Left is losing its power to scold and silence.

They can't say they weren't warned - call everything you don't like 'racist' and pretty soon, people stop reflexively cringing at that word.
...the idea that ordinary people are being driven into the arms of authoritarianism because of an excitable article they read on the internet is facile – and any progressives adopting it should ask themselves why they are parroting arguments that are largely advanced by the far right.
Ah, yes, the progressives see the hand of the 'far right' behind everything. But it's not 'far right' to think that the constant denigration of the majority population is not helping discourse, is it?
Progressives need to wise up to the fact that they are losing this argument and decide what they are going to do in response.
I think they have decided, Ellie; it's 'double down and keep on sneering'.

It's Not 'Counterproductive', Then, Is It?

Bosses will be hoping his stringent approach will result in an equally successful outcome for Clacton Coastal Academy, after Ofsted ruled the school required improvement.
A spokesman said: “There were around a dozen fixed term exclusions on one day. We make no apology for having high expectations on behaviour.
“The vast majority of our students have responded really positively to the changes.
“A small number of students have fallen short of our expectations and we have issued exclusions for aggressive behaviour and defiance which will not be tolerated.
“We look forward to welcoming these students back but on the understanding that they will no longer interrupt the learning of others.”
Hurrah! At last! A school that recognises the effect on the other children who do want to learn.
But a concerned parent, whose child has been given one of the fixed term exclusions, believes the tougher approach will be counterproductive.
The mum said she has since decided to home-school her child.
See? It does work! Her hellspawn is now making her life a misery, instead of their classmates. Job done!

Monday 3 February 2020

Stop Looking To 'The Government'..!

The jury found Ian Slater and Alex Stephens guilty of murder, while King and Pearson were found guilty of manslaughter.
Speaking after the verdict, Courtney's grandfather, VC Brown, said: "Courtney was a cheeky, but loveable person. He was a son, a brother, a nephew, an uncle, a cousin and a friend to many."
Yes, it pays to be friendly when you're a drug dealer...
"He was full of gifts and talents, but all that was taken away when he was murdered on Thursday 21 February, 2019, the week after his 36th birthday."
If he really had been 'full of gifts and talent', he wouldn't have been a persistent offender, living in what amounted to a squat...
"Yet again we have another grieving family standing here because a loved one has been murdered as a result of knife crime
"When will people realise you are more likely to use a weapon if you are carrying one."
When will people realise if you deal drugs, you're more likely to wind up dead?
"...Courtney was murdered - never to get married, never to have children, and never to fulfil his dreams."
His dreams of what, exactly?
"Now we are asking the Government to find answers. Don't be the #TooLateGovernment where you only turn up after the event. Help the police to police. How can law and order be expected, if we do not have the personnel on the streets."
How can law and order be expected when families turn a blind eye to the breaking of that law by their family members?
"In the event of a fire, an alarm sounds, in the event of a flood, we get a warning. However, with this knife crime epidemic, we have grieving mothers, fathers and families sounding the alarm - we are saying ‘enough is enough’, something has to be done.
"So we would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the government to help find the solution to this problem, so that no other family needs to go through this heart-breaking process."
The government has found the solution; it locks up drug dealers. What happens to them after that is in their own hands.

It Should Be Classed As Suicide...

His friends have been left devastated following his death, with one saying: 'Jonny Halstead was taken far too soon.
'If you knew him and fancy doing one positive thing today try and support his family cover some costs.
'You had me in stitches every time we met.'
Another added: 'We lost a good friend yesterday.
'Lots of good memories to look back on but we would rather had him here to make some more.
'RIP Jonny.'
And another said: 'God I'm absolutely gutted. The saying is true he only takes the best.
'Jonny you will be missed so much by so many people. I wish it wasn't true.
One said: 'I was hoping to wake up and it all be a nightmare, unfortunately it's not and you really have gone, Jonny Halstead, can't get my head around it all.
'RIP you'll be missed.'
How did this man die?
A man was mauled to death after being 'bitten multiple times' by his pitbull after suffering a medical episode.
Police shot the dog after 35-year-old Jonny Halstead was killed at a property in Oldham, Greater Manchester.
Well, at least they save the taxpayer some money this time.

Saturday 1 February 2020

No, It's Us, The Public And Taxpayers, That Need The Help...

Sitting at Nottingham Crown Court, Judge Steven Coupland told her: "There is some hope you will stop committing these offences.
"There has been some progress with community orders. You are somebody who needs help to stop behaving in this way."
There's no hope, really, is there?
He refused an application to ban her from entering Mansfield Civic Centre, where four of the attacks took place.
The court heard that she needs to visit the district council offices for vital services.
Translation: She needs to soak the taxpayer even more.
Tom Edwards, mitigating, said that Godson has learning problems and told the judge: "The psychiatrist says that without intervention, there will be no change.
"These are increasing personality traits rather than episodic moments of madness. This is a person who needs help."
Expensive help...
He said that it would be wrong to ban her from the council offices for three years because she needs to go there for a range of services.
Mr Edwards went on: "She has a chaotic lifestyle and doesn't regularly use a phone. The reality is that it would hinder her life for the next three years."
Yes, well, that's what we call 'consequences', isn't it? And why on earth should she be allowed to hinder others' lives instead?
And he said that Godson, who had no settled address, needed help to get in a "much better state" which would help the public.
What will 'help the public' is for her to no longer be at large among them.