Monday, 10 February 2020

Karma Is The Best Justice System...

Jack Wood was banned from driving after leading police on a high-speed chase from the A23 Brighton, through Burgess Hill and Cuckfield, eventually being stopped in Balcombe.
The 20-year-old went the wrong way round roundabouts in a stolen car before police used spikes and boxed him in. He was given a suspended prison sentence at Hove Crown Court in May last year.
But in August, he was caught riding a stolen moped.
Of course he was. Well, for a time, anyway:
He was involved in a crash that left him needing his leg to be amputated.
He appeared at Brighton Crown Court in a wheelchair and it was revealed he was struggling with the treatment for his injuries.
Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.
Yogain Chandarana, defending, said Wood was no longer able to work as a builder. He said: “The impact on him and his family has been profound. It has caused him to have mental health difficulties, in the depths of despair. He used to be a happy go lucky young man, but now he doesn’t like to leave his room.”
Good! He'll find it pretty hard to steal things from there, unless he's really good with computers!
Wood, of Framlingham Crescent, Mottingham, London, wept as Judge Arnold granted him a conditional discharge.
She said he would have gone to jail, but his rehabilitation needs could not be met by the prison system. she said: “The injury you have suffered is enormous punishment already.”
I disagree, but I have to say, it's a lot more effective than the justice system at protecting the public...


Anonymous said...

Hilarious them and chuckle.
This vermin is on my borough so the crime rate should fall a bit.

Anonymous said...

But the injury was not a punishment for his crime it was the result of his own stupid behaviour. No wonder the crime rate goes ever upwards when we employ snowflakes to be judges. I wonder just how long society will allow the criminal element to pray on us before people turn to self help. We have a justice system so we don't need vigilanties and lynching mobs but in UK today the justice system has ceased to exist for most of us.

staybryte said...

The comments on the article. Ouch.

JuliaM said...

"This vermin is on my borough so the crime rate should fall a bit."

One hopes he hasn't bred...

"No wonder the crime rate goes ever upwards when we employ snowflakes to be judges."

That's 'progress' for you...

"The comments on the article. Ouch."

Yes, the public lacks the tolerance for this behaviour that the judiciary displays. Probably because they are the ones affected by it.