Monday, 17 February 2020

Won't Someone Clean This Augean Stables?

‘It appears that the vital ingredient within the Met for achieving rapid promotion, a peerage or a hefty pension is incompetence, gullibility and severe lack of judgment. Cressida Dick… should be held to account for allowing these rewards for obvious failure.’
Says which right wing demagogue who hates the modern police service for political reasons?

Well, no. Someone with every reason to do so, for very personal reasons, actually. Edward Heath's godson.
Mrs Tudway, lambasted in a judge-led official report into Operation Midland, was promoted from Detective Chief Inspector to Detective Superintendent in July 2017.
Her elevation came eight months after the police watchdog launched an inquiry into how she and two junior colleagues obtained search warrants to raid the homes of VIPs including ex-head of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Lord Bramall and former home secretary Leon Brittan.
Mrs Tudway’s promotion was confirmed three months after Dame Cressida, who authorised the setting up of Operation Midland in November 2014 and whose conduct in the case has been referred to watchdogs, took over as head of the Met.
How cozy, eh?
Mrs Tudway had close dealings with Beech and spent 17 hours watching his interviews from ‘beginning to end’ and ‘believed’ him, according to a withering report by ex-High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques.
But remember, we need more women in the force, because they bring their 'unique outlook' with them!
Last July the Independent Office for Police Conduct announced Mrs Tudway had been cleared of misconduct in Operation Midland, saying there was nothing to suggest she ‘acted in bad faith or intentionally misled the judge’ who granted the search warrants.
Clearly, as good at hiding the evidence as they are poor at finding it!


MTG said...

For more than a decade, it has been universally established that UK police are unfit for purpose.

That sad truth is to the greater shame of those citizens who safely confine their denunciation to slow applause, JuliaM.

Anonymous said...

"Universally established ". I love it when you speak for the whole country Melvin.
You speak for only yourself MTG. As I do as well but I have more inside knowledge of the police than you.

MTG 1 said...


MTG 1 said...

And best of luck with the clean-up, Jaded. The Alpheus may provide a decent rinse but a sea of vinegar will be needed to offset the stench.

Anonymous said...

Tired Melvin?'s exhausting speaking for the whole country. Nurse will come and read you a story soon. Your favourite one is about you winning a by-election and becoming PM.

Anonymous said...

Why are you responding to this cretin? This is how he gets his rocks off. If you try and reason with him, he will only beat you over the head with his own tunnel-visioned, bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Aah, there you are, constable Penise!

The man whose early retirement was as much a gift to those who had to work with him as it was a curse to his neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Yes true...why do I bother? I need to get another hobby.

JuliaM said...

"Yes true...why do I bother? I need to get another hobby."

You could try counting the number of Home Office mandarins scuttling out of the light Priti Patel is shining on them?