Thursday 11 October 2018

I'd Have Thought The Answer To This Is Obvious....

Dramatic video footage captured the moment passengers on a flight from London to Turkey stopped the unnamed man from being deported by demanding he be taken off the plane.
...and it's to remove the complaining passengers from the plane instead!
...a source told MailOnline that the man was being deported from the UK because he is a 'foreign national offender' who has been convicted of serious offences.
Maybe his victims could be invited in to a televised debate with the do-gooders, so they can realise their actions have consequences.
One passenger points out the man being deported says he is going to Mogadishu in Somalia and the officer responds: 'And you believe him?'
In another incident a passenger claims that people die in Mogadishu, the official responds: 'They die in London, sir.'
Nice comeback, but 'Sit down, shut up or you're off this plane!' would work a lot better.

Update: Well, now we know. How do those virtue signallers feel now?

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