Tuesday 23 October 2018

Absolute Scum...

Sentencing Owen, district judge Diane Baker said the defendant ‘showed no remorse at all during interview’ and ‘gave a lot of excuses’.
Well, his hired mouthpiece did, anyway:
Defending Owen, Neil Lewin said the defendant is still a young man who has had a troubled upbringing. He said: ‘He has a complex background and was in a long-term relationship for six years.
‘When the relationship broke down it caused a lot of emotional distress. He didn’t cope well whatsoever. ‘
Around the time of this breakdown he got Archie and it appears the time wasn’t right for him to have a pet.
‘Mr Owen has anger management problems and difficult dealing with traumatic experiences.’
Translation: He's an unrepentant, inadequate little manchild who can only get it up when he's abusing something that cam't fight back.

And already a criminal:
Owen had already been given a suspended sentence at Truro Crown Court for a separate offence so Judge Baker handed Owen an immediate custodial sentence.
Owen was then given an 18-week prison sentence and told that he must appear at Truro Crown Court for a judge to decide on the activation of the suspended sentence.
He must also pay £500 in costs and is now banned from keeping animals for life.
You'd hope that would be a straightforward decision to make.

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