Wednesday 3 October 2018

Yet More Exercises In Futility...

A man has been told he must turn his life around after breaching a court order...
Well, what's so surprising about th...

...for the ninth time.
David Binks, 50, of no fixed address, is a prolific street drinker in Southend and has been handed an additional community order after he admitted breaching the initial court order and behaving threateningly and abusively.
What is the point? Seriously? 'We've told you not to do this, now we're telling you again'?
... on Friday, Southend magistrates heard this latest breach was simply a “misunderstanding” on Binks’ part.
Bethany Brown, mitigating, told the court he had been living at that address prior to serving his time in prison and had left some of his belongings there.
Miss Brown said: “He attended the address to collect his things. He only breached the order because he then sat outside and didn’t know whether anyone was inside.”
He went to a place he was banned from going to. How is that a 'misunderstanding'?
The sentence comes after Southend Council announced plans to adopt a stricter approach to street drinkers and homeless people who are refusing help in a bid to make the town more attractive.
Good luck with that! I think your first course of action, before you round up the beggars and addicts, might be to bar the magistrates from the town!


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