Monday 29 October 2018

Crying Wolf At A Chihuahua...

Matt Dent, Labour councillor for Kursaal took to Twitter to voice his concerns.
He said on Twitter: “I've received alarming reports of posters for a far-right political group cropping up in locations around Southend, particularly on the Woodgrange Estate in Kursaal ward.”
“The emergence of divisive, hate-fuelled far-right politics in our communities is something we have to be eternally vigilant against. We need unity, not division, and cannot allow one group to be played against another, along fictitious and imaginary lines.”
So what's on these horrible, awful, no good posters?

"Bring the dog and kids build a kite and play games with the team"


"We have far too many crimes not being investigated while the police chase hate crime."


"We give away billions in foreign aid to other countries while our's fall apart"

Apart from the grocer's apostrophe, it's, well, not exactly rabble-rousing material, is it?
A For Britain Movement spokesman said: "It is a shame that this Councillor, like so many, chooses to make wild statements without any basis in fact.
"For Britain was founded by an ex Labour Party member that worked for the NHS, and even a cursory glance at the party manifesto would see policies that in the majority are left leaning. As a party we typically appeal to traditional Labour voters.”
Ah. The sort that might decide to switch allegiance from Corbyn's Labour, in other words.

And after all, that's a fear of the very man now denouncing them. What changed his mind, I wonder?

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