Wednesday 10 October 2018

I Don't Think It's The Tenancy That Needs To Be Stable....

April Fillingham, 27, from Hindley in Wigan, has been sleeping in the wooden outdoor play house in the garden behind her mother's bungalow for six months. She said: "It's cold and there's a drip from the roof. Sleeping's a nightmare."
Cue 'Why doesn't the State DO SOMETHING!' from the usual suspects.

Turns out they did. Three times.
Wigan Council said her three council tenancies had ended "due to anti-social behaviour" but it was working towards "a more permanent and stable tenancy".
But why can't she live with her mother, you ask?
...her mother's health and lifestyle differences mean she cannot share the bungalow.
*quizzical look*
"I'm 27, I should be able to be living on my own... I'm lucky enough that I'm not in a doorway and I'm grateful for that but there's still a problem.
"I just want somewhere to live - to call my own, where I can go and look after myself and get on with my life," she said.
The problem's not been in the housing stock, has it?

H/T: @simonmount1 via Twitter


PJH said...

Presented without comment: with this.

Anonymous said...

Someone buy her a kennel! Job done.

mikebravo said...

Ape. No kidding!

School report said "must try harder".

Anonymous said...

A face only a mother could love.........oh no she doesn't seem to either!!

JuliaM said...

"Presented without comment"


"A face only a mother could love.........oh no she doesn't seem to either!!"

Genuine LOL!

moqifen said...

chavtastic !