Friday 5 October 2018

Maybe The ASA Should Step In..?

After all, they'd be quick to act on false claims from other areas, so why not the justice system?
Constable Neil Doyle was felled by a punch, described by prosecutors as a "piledriver", while enjoying the festive season with colleagues from Merseyside Police in Liverpool city centre.
Now it has emerged those responsible, Andrew Taylor and Timmy Donovan , have recently become free men despite not even serving half the sentences they were handed.
 Who is surprised?
A Prison Service spokesperson said: “This was a tragic death and our thoughts remain with the family and friends of PC Doyle.
“Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, most prisoners must be automatically released from prison at the halfway point of their sentence to go on probation for the remainder.
“But no one is released from prison without a tough risk-assessment, close monitoring, and strict licence conditions which if breached can lead to more time behind bars.”
Pull the other one, chum. Why can't the ASA do some good for a change?

Well, hold that thought...


Anonymous said...

Bring back hanging! Half the sentence is rather tricky.

Lynne: ex-Counting Cats said...

Thank god Shipman didn't know about the half your sentence parole deal. He'd be out and making friends with old ladies by now.

JuliaM said...

"Half the sentence is rather tricky."

Oh, I wouldn't put it past the Min of Justice civil servants...!

"He'd be out and making friends with old ladies by now."

And probably heading up a Liverpool Care Pathway panel...