Monday 22 October 2018

Even Blanche Dubois Thinks You're Taking It A Bit Too Far...

Yesterday we reported how businesses are confused as to why a family-sized tent on their street has not been moved.
The tent in Duke Street is the abode of lovebirds Kieran Spiteri, 34, and Bernice Howley, 41, who have been living there for more than three months.
The couple rely on the generosity of shops in the street who provide them with hot chocolate, a place to wash, toilets, and electricity.
How nice. But, you say, why don't they work, like everyone else?
Kieran used to enjoy his job as a ground worker but had a psychotic episode in November last year and had to leave, he said.
Bernice says they have been told they can stay if they keep their area clean, put their rubbish in the bin and are not rude to the locals.
In other words, behave like a normal member of society?
They have struggled to find a house for months and say they are “playing a waiting game”.
They do not have enough money to move into a house and are hoping the council will be able to provide them with a more permanent home.
'The council' doesn't have any money. It's the poor taxpayer of Brighton, working to keep a roof over his own head, that'll be stumping up. As always.

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