Monday 8 October 2018

See? It Can Be Done!

Mr Graham said the destruction of the dog at the scene was 'instantaneous'.
He added: 'From CCTV footage you can hear gunshots. Police who attended shot the dog there and then, in the house, where it was tethered. '
What a nice change - for the taxpayer!
Jane Foley, defending, said the dog had previously been owned by an abusive alcoholic but was rehomed with Sehman's mother.
The mother of an alcoholic. What could go wr...

Oh, yeah. That.
Miss Foley said the animal 'had a sensitivity' towards drunk people as a result of its past abuse and so Mrs Sehman had told her son to keep himself and others away from it.
The court heard the animal had been kept tethered to a bed in Mrs Sehman's room.
As you do with a 'pet'...
Miss Foley added: 'The dog was in his mother's bedroom. Having attended the property he went to fetch a drink for himself and the complainant.
'She, however, ventured into the mother's bedroom and fell upon the bed. It was at that point that the dog reacted in the way it did and attacked her.'
I feel the animal wasn't the only thing that should have been destroyed that day.

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