Thursday 18 October 2018

They Can Admit When They Got It Wrong...

It seems common sense has finally prevailed:
The judge who over ruled the original decision said: "It is important that this was not an uncontrolled dog, it was not a prohibited dog or a dog trained to be aggressive.
Precautions had been taken to reduce any potential risk the dog would cause. There's no suggestion the dog had attacked people before - it seems this was an isolated incident.
We do not think there is any evidence that Miss Fletcher is anything other than a fit and proper person to keep dogs and, after having heard the evidence of expert witnesses, we are satisfied the dog does not constitute a danger to public safety."
 Better send the cretins from the original case back to lawyer school, then...
Miss Fletcher must still keep Kye in the rear of her garden, make sure he is muzzled in public and when visitors are at the house, and have him neutered.
He's not the only thing that will soon lack balls.

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