Thursday 27 September 2018

Was Ever A Place So Misnamed As The North Staffordshire Justice Centre?

Dog owner Sharon Fletcher has been left devastated - after her beloved Japanese Akita was handed a death sentence by the courts.
The 36-year-old is planning to appeal against the court ruling after she was also hit with a five-year dog ban.
Well, serves her right, walking the streets with an unsecured dangerous dog and...

Wait, how did someone get attacked, anyway?
It comes after deaf Kye - which was tethered to a wall in the back garden of Sharon's Stanfield home at the time of the incident - scratched and bit a teenage girl who had gone onto their property.
Well, that's a somewhat different turn of events, isn't it?
Sharon admitted a charge of owning a dog which was dangerously out of control and caused an injury when she appeared at North Staffordshire Justice Centre.
Why? She was clearly badly informed. She should never have admitted it.
“If Kye had done this while I was out walking him then I would hold my hands up and take it but this is different. The dog was on a lead on my property.
“If he was dangerous I would not have him anywhere near my children, but he was great with them. Kye has never been vicious or attacked anyone before. I am going to appeal against this because it is not right to do this to an innocent dog.”
If you'd had the sense not to plead guilty, you wouldn't be here now! Was the neighbour a friend?
The court heard a BBQ had been held at a nearby property on the day of the incident.
Two teenagers went into Sharon's garden during the BBQ and one of them needed hospital treatment after being scratched to the face and bitten on the hand. The lead allowed Kye to walk around the patio within the back garden.
Doesn't seem so. So why are the bewigged idiots so determined to come down on the side of the trespassers?


The Jannie said...

"why are the bewigged idiots so determined to come down on the side of the trespassers?"

All part of the great plan, my dear. Frankfurt has a lot to answer for . . .

JuliaM said...

I can see, if this carries om, people increasingly no longer turning to a distracted police force and discredited justice system to resolve their issues.

Sgt Albert Hall said...

I wonder why this dog had to be tethered to a garden wall. I’ve had dogs all my life and never have felt the need to tether one in my own garden.