Thursday 6 September 2018

The Devil Is In The Detail...

...the detail of the comment section, that is:
A doctor was attacked by a patient and has refused to return to a surgery deemed unsafe, it was revealed today.
And a child with asthma had to be sent to hospital because the surgery had no nurse on duty.
The problems were highlighted as health chiefs backed a decision to close a branch surgery because the family doctors running it said that it was the safest option for staff and patients.
You'd expect this surgery to be in Moss Side, not Brighton!
Tory city councillor for Rottingdean Joe Miller said: “I’m very disappointed for residents. I think the CCG has made the wrong decision for patients who they are meant to represent and serve.”
The £16,475 annual rent will be reinvested in the primary care budget.
Wait, how much rent?
Mike Holdgate, a lay member of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee, said that there were a great many benefits to closing the practice even though it may not seem so on the surface.
What could he mean by th...

How very interesting...


Felipe Grey said...

The link to Doctor's pensions is no fantasy:

JuliaM said...

Good grief!