Tuesday 25 September 2018

Yep, Definitely Dim Enough For Essex Police!

Essex Police special constable James Parker is set to be hauled in front of a disciplinary panel next week...
For laziness? Taking bribes?
...over a sexually charged video clip and string of raunchy messages he is said to have sent to a colleague on Snapchat.
The first allegation relates to him sending a picture of his exposed privates while in police uniform and on police premises.
He is then accused of sending messages saying he wanted a colleague to perform a sex act on him underneath a table during a police briefing and he wanted to have a romantic encounter with her in a cupboard at the police station.
Someone's watched too much 'Bodyguard'!
The messages are said to have been sent in October and November last year.
Ah. Or maybe not.

Has this case taken that long to progress, or did the object of James' affections take a while to decide if she was into this?


PJH said...

"...or did the object of James' affections take a while to decide if she was into this?"


"After six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney..."

It's spreading.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't even being paid.............bloody Specials.....I have mixed feelings about them.

I also despair about the younger generation and social media. A few years I policed a royal visit on my borough and the Chief Inspector in charge told us quite clearly not to film the royals visiting or try and get a selfie. It was so sad that some PC's need to be told this.

Bucko said...

Romantic encounter in a cupboard? Bit of a tight space for a candlelit dinner for two and flowers
You don't have a 'romantic encounter' in a cupboard, you have a shag

Anonymous said...

usually in cases of misconduct/wrongdoing they usually resign or the classic take early retirement on health grounds/ sweep it under the carpet routine. As he's a volunteer he can't take a pension and run - the police were obviously hoping he'd resign so it could be forgotten about. unfortunately this dimwit doesn't seem to have taken the hint as he still seems to be a special.

JuliaM said...


Oh, yes, that line was a killer! How anyone could proceed after that, I just don't know...

"I also despair about the younger generation and social media. "

They are supposed to be more 'social media savvy', according to the experts. Yet what that seems to mean in reality is 'unable to leave the bloody things alone for a minute'.

"Romantic encounter in a cupboard?"

Police cupboards are HUGE! They have to be, to hide all the evidence they won't disclose to the defence! :)

"...as he still seems to be a special."