Sunday, 2 September 2018

Or 'Breathe', Even....

And frankly, it was a load of rubbish, and about as gripping as watching paint dry. The most entertaining thing was watching Twitter's reaction:

So do I.


jack ketch said...

*raises hand tentatively*

I have actually quite enjoyed it so far. Makes a change from the usual Costner Crap take on Bodyguards and their female assets. Firstly he's slept with her already which saves on all the eyes-meeting 'goo' and more importantly he has so many issues that he is liable to waste her himself before the series drags on too long.

And seeing that the last series of Unforgotten bummed out at the last possible moment..

Anonymous said...

Already commented on Longrider's blog, but apart from the 'right on' feminist points, story is flawed by central casting characters : psychologically damaged hero; broken marriage because of above; maverick hero refusing orders (in dealing with suicide bomber); ex Army colleague going rogue - what a coincidence the hero was the one who found him; tunnel visioned, ambitious politician found to have a soft side; hero bonks politician after saving her life.
So far, so formulaic. Still, it's better than watching the X Factor!

Anonymous said...

The cracks in the story are beginning to widen. The 'hero' is a tailors dummy,sorry ladies but he just would not get away with that silly look and refusal to answer anything sensibly. Maybe he can't act or he has been given terrible lines and direction.How long has it taken for the police to not link him to the sniper?
No complaint about the action scenes ,the sniper attack on the car was riveting but our hero has the personality of a dead fish. Next!

JuliaM said...

"I have actually quite enjoyed it so far."

Oh, it's eminently watchable!

"... story is flawed by central casting characters..."

Can be said about everything, lately. The new Netflix thing, 'Jack Ryan' is good, but similarly cliched.

"The cracks in the story are beginning to widen. "

It does seem to rely on an awful lot of ludicrous behaviour to drive the plot. So the spooks give you an encrypted tablet? Well, why not keep the access details in the same bag?