Friday 7 September 2018

*Rummages For Tiny Violin*

The Oxford Bangladeshi Islamic Centre and Mosque had been due to mark the religious holiday Eid al-Adha in Leys Pool and Leisure Centre's main sports hall yesterday, but instead had to squeeze 300 people into three sessions at its Cowley Road building.
It came after frustrated organisers spent more than a week trying to sort out booking problems with the Blackbird Leys leisure centre, which is owned by the city council and managed by Fusion Lifestyle, only to be told a full event management plan including 'anti-terrorism measures' was required at the eleventh hour.
Welcome to England, where overwhelming paperwork must be completed in triplicate before the council will let you do what you need to do.

What's that?

'But you're Muslims', you say..? Well, so what?
The operations manager added if the information, including a safeguarding policy, stewarding/security plan, medical plan, waste management plan and anti-terrorism measures, as well as public liability insurance confirmation and employers liability insurance confirmation, was not provided by 2pm the following day the event could not go ahead.
Mr Hoque said he was 'shocked' as the mosque had never been asked to provide this level of detail before, and it had not been mentioned when he had made the booking initially.
Times change, Mt Hoque. We need all that now. I wonder if you know why?
The Blackbird Leys resident added the mosque had been holding events at the centre for years, with the last Eid booking in 2016, but their treatment by leisure centre had left them feeling 'unwanted'.
Gosh! How to sum up my concern with your feelings?

That'll do it!


Thud said...

How best to put this?...fuck em.

Anonymous said...

"Feeling unwanted"

How unwanted? As unwanted as someone who is gay or Jewish at one of their cozy gatherings?

Anonymous said...

I have news for you Muzznuts, you are unwanted. Millions of Brits now realise that it was a huge mistake to let any of you into our country and would be overjoyed if you all pissed off to some muzznut country where you wouldn't feel so unwanted. Pretty much all of them are backward shitholes, I will leave it to you to figure out why that might be the case.


Anonymous said...

"As unwanted as someone who is gay or Jewish at one of their cozy gatherings?"

Can we assume that they also have to be compliant with council Diversity and Inclusivity policies?

Wouldn't be doing for any discrimination to be allowed on council-owned premises, would it? If they don't meet their quota of transsexuals and lesbians, nay, even transsexual lesbians, then we'd need to look into the reasons why, right?


JuliaM said...

"How best to put this?...fuck em."


"How unwanted? As unwanted as someone who is gay or Jewish at one of their cozy gatherings?"

Or a woman?

"...then we'd need to look into the reasons why, right?"

It'd be really nice to think so.