Monday 17 September 2018

*Taps Give-A-Fuck-Ometer* This Thing On..?

Courtney Motton, 23, from Southend, said she and her son, Arthur Collins, were at Electric Avenue on Southend seafront when the seatbelt reportedly came loose and the baby fell.
Miss Motton claims the belt was faulty but the firm claim it was not secured properly.
Hmmm, chavmum vs likely-to-be-pikey amusement park owners. Gotta confess, I'm conflicted!
She called Essex Police following the incident and officers attended but confirmed it was not a police matter.
They actually attended! Wow!
The spokesman said: “The police also inspected the ride for us and spoke to the mother.
“A man, believed to be the baby’s father, became aggressive and the police asked them to leave.
“We think she had not strapped the child into the ride correctly.”
Who believes he's the baby's father, the amusement park staff, or Courtney?
The mother-of-two said: “They were trying to pass the blame onto me.
“I have been going to this arcade for years as I live in the area but I won’t be going back again.
“It ruined the whole day as we had to spend too much time trying to sort it out.
“I also wanted to go home straight away after the incident.
“Police asked us to leave and I was being made to feel like a criminal when I hadn’t done anything wrong.”
Still conflicted!

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