Wednesday 19 September 2018

I Think PC Baines Needs 'A Little Short Period Of Time' Away From The Police Force...

Coroner Mrs Welsh said: 'To be frank what I am struggling with is this third bite. You are his handler, you gave him the command, you pulled him away and he is still not doing what you wanted him to do.'
PC Baines replied: 'Given that it took less than 10 seconds for the whole thing, you need a little short period of time to bring them down from that type of drive.'
Then perhaps it's not a good idea to have them in collars they can back out from?
After the first attack, PC Baines managed to get the dog to release its grip, taking control of the animal with a single finger through a loop in the chain around its neck.
With the dog held, he managed to drag it six feet away from where the bloodied pensioner lay in the hallway.
But as PC Baines adjusted his grip to get a stronger hold, Dano backed out of his collar and launched a second attack, grabbing the elderly woman, who had cancer and emphysema, by the back of her right leg.
Jesus! How is this cretin a dog handler?
During his evidence today PC Baines suggested the dog may have attacked Mrs Collins because she had tried to 'shoo' him away when he entered her home, using her arms to wave him away.
So it's the victim's fault she was savaged in her own home by an animal you couldn't control?
He also suggested that the anxious voice of his colleague Sergeant Neil Yates as he tried to summon help might have further agitated the animal.
So it's your senior colleague's fault an innocent member of the public, who he was trying to prevent from bleeding to death, was savaged in her own home by an animal you couldn't control?

No, PC Baines. It's all your fault. You're a disgrace to the uniform.


Anonymous said...

And some people want to give muppets like this firearms...

Flaxen Saxon said...

Wat da fuck? What sort of name is Lincoln?

Flaxen Saxon said...

Oops, I think I put my dozy comment on the wrong post. I'll have a bit of a lie down.

jack ketch said...

Its taken 4 years to get this infront of a coroner?! Even the IPCC must have found that the Officer was not in control of his animal, surely? Thank God the old lady's great Grandkids weren't visiting at the time.

Anonymous said...

Cowardly liars to the bitter end.

MTG said...

Better to discover late that Plod are liars than never at all, Anon. Some members of the public still trust the scum.

JuliaM said...

"And some people want to give muppets like this firearms..."

At least they don't load themselves and decide when or if they should fire!

"Its taken 4 years to get this infront of a coroner?!"

Yup! I'd almost forgotten it!