Tuesday 18 September 2018

Sterling Work From One Part Of The Criminal Justice System...

Jay Disley, of Coopersales, Laindon, admitted three counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs after police officers caught him red-handed. The 20-year-old was in a Ford Transit van on May 4, earlier this year, with three other men, in an area of Basildon when police officers noticed known drug users interacting with them.
The officers proceeded to pull the van over and searched the vehicle as well as Disley.
Appearing for sentencing at Basildon Crown Court on Friday, it was heard that officers found in possession of almost 13 grams of cocaine, with a street value of £508, as well as 2 grams of crack cocaine.
Disley was arrested and while in custody, officers conducted a search of his home where they recovered a further 19 grams of cocaine, worth £773, as well as two sets of scales, £1,435 in cash and phones containing evidence of drug dealing.
Bang to rights! Excellent. What could go wrong?
Sentencing him, judge Samantha Leigh...
....said: "These are not insignificant amounts in terms of either money or drugs themselves.
"You don't have any previous convictions and have a very supportive family. You also have one of the best pre-sentence reports I have seen in a long time.
"It is your choice what happens now. If you do the orders I am about to you on and do what you need to do, you hopefully will not be back in the criminal justice system.
"I am very mindful of the guidance to judges and whether courts should take every opportunity they can to stop sending people to custody where there is a chance of rehabilitation."
You know what's coming. Don't you?
Judge Leigh sentenced Disley to 20 months in prison suspended for 24 months.
Those cops must wonder why they bothered.


Anonymous said...

"You don't have any previous convictions and have a very supportive family".
Well of course you have a very supportive family, I'm sure there is plenty of non-taxable income going around. The folks are probably pretty content.

JuliaM said...

Little Samantha needs to become the victim of crime, to gain the insight she so badly needs...