Monday, 24 September 2018

Trust But Verify...

The saga of Dano The Less-Than-Wonder Dog concluded last week with, as expected, the coroner excoriating the police farces involved.

It certainly exposed them as failing to adhere to the sort of critical thinking they are trained in as part of police procedures.
Under cross examination by Matthew Donkin, for Mrs Collins, Mr Robson added: "If I was a trainer, and a dog had bitten someone to the face, I suspect the dog would be put to sleep immediately."
Cleveland would not have taken Dano "had we known his history," he added.
Mrs Welsh asked if he would have expected to be given Dano's previous record.
"I asked 'Is there anything I need to be concerned about?'.
"I would expect to be informed," he said.
Mrs Welsh asked him: "Would it have been prudent to see that paper work?. He replied: "It would, yes."
I must try that if I'm ever stopped and given a producer...

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