Thursday 13 September 2018


A man is being investigated on suspicion of animal cruelty after he repeatedly punched a police dog which was assisting in his arrest, Scotland Yard has said.
That seems a risky business.
The man was taken to hospital with a dog bite, but the injury is not life-threatening or life-changing, according to the force.
Heh! Shame.
The suspect has been released under investigation.
*rolls eyes*


jack ketch said...

No doubt twitter is aflame with SWJs demanding the dog be put down for a totally unprovoked racist assault? I mean , come on, we all know the Met is institutionally racist but a German Shepherd MAULING an innocent MONA...its pretty bloody blatant, innit?

JuliaM said...

They aren't all GSDs. It might have been a nice European bouvier des Flandres..?