Wednesday 12 September 2018

Worse Than Useless....

Council dog wardens, that is:
Brighton and Hove City Council’s dog warden, who investigated the previous incident and is currently investigating the second, confirmed Mr Leech had been given advice after the first attack.
Utterly pointless. He doesn't have to abide by 'advice'. The police should be involved, but as usual, they've swerved it because they're too lazy to apply the new Dangerous Dog Act powers granted to them...
Mr Leech said the incident was “regrettable” and added: “This has blackened my name and we’ve come to an agreement over the costs of the vet’s bill.
I’m going to pay half.
No, what's 'blackened your name' is that you are an arrogant thug with an uncontrollable animal. I hope the owner sues you in the courts to recover the full cost of her vet bills.
“I’m very sorry for what’s happened, now Enzo is muzzled, kept on a lead and is not going to that park.”
So you'll be going to another park then?
Mr Leech said he was bitten in the fracas by sausage dog Frankie and has taken time off work to recuperate after losing a nail.
Mr Leech said he was also bitten in the previous attack.
Clearly didn't interfere too much with your pie-to-mouth hand, did it?


The Jannie said...

"Mr Leech . . . has taken time off work to recuperate after losing a nail"

This is a family joke. my B-I-L announced with great solemnity during one of our family get-togethers "I've broken a nail. Thereafter for the rest of the evening he would ask " did I tell you I've broken a nail?" The joke is that at the time he was a stevedore; hardly one of life's softies. The fact that he was bladdered may have been relevant, too.

Mr Leech needs putting down after such a serious injury.

Bloke in Germany said...

He got bitten in the fracas?

Ouch. That sounds painful.

JuliaM said...

"Mr Leech needs putting down after such a serious injury."


"Ouch. That sounds painful."

I could never be a court clerk, I could never keep a straight face!