Saturday 27 October 2018

And I Thought The Women Who Wrote To Jailed Serial Killers Were Crazy..!

The owner of a sanctuary for dangerous dogs destined to be put down aims to expand its services because there is no room for any more animals.
Founder Karen Fairclough started the organisation after gaining training qualifications following years of experience as a dog walker. She currently has 15 dogs in her care and has the heartbreaking task of turning away dozens more every day due to a lack of space and time.
Miss Fairclough hopes to turn this around by expanding the service.
So this woman has 15 certified dangerous dogs? And wants more? And wants strangers to pay for this?
She said: “When Charlie first got here, you could be 100 metres from his kennel and he would be going mad, throwing himself at the walls – if he got a hold of someone he probably would have killed them.
“After a year of building trust, he’s happy to be around people, take treats and has really come a long way.
“If we tried to rehome him it could have crippling consequences so it’s better for his welfare that he stays.”
It'd be better for his welfare and everybody else's safety if the damn thing was shot!
Charlie, although still aggressive if something spooks him, is now able to be taken out on the premises for walks.
Miss Fairclough said: “We gained his trust and taught him to walk on a catch pole so that if he gets scared he can’t attack me and we can get him safely home.
“He’s still a dog able to do what dogs love to do and one day I hope he can go out walking in quiet public places.”
You can't walk this thing on a lead, you have to use a catch pole to prevent an 'accidental mauling'..? FFS!


jack ketch said...

The comments on this article are interesting...perhaps cares-for-rabid-dogs-lady is not all she seems.

wiggiatlarge said...

As Jack Ketch says something fishy in the background to all this, but that doesn't excuse homing dogs that are dangerous to the public under some illusion you can alter them, you can't and she should have no right to risk anyones safety by taking them out in public areas, so called animal lovers who take this stance are worse than bonkers.

Andy said...

If there were a comma between dangerous and dogs in the first line of your article I would have thought that this was a good news piece.