Wednesday 10 October 2018

In This Story, The Only One I Feel Sorry For Is The Dog...

Kyle Samuels, 29, confronted Sophie Redshaw at Manchester Airport as she walked through the arrivals hall after her flight from Ibiza had landed.
He claimed Miss Redshaw had agreed to look after his pet only to then fly out to the Balearic Islands.
And the natural reaction is to spit in her face.
Samuels, from Sale, Greater Manchester was arrested after being chased by police through a car park.
And the other worthless waste of oxygen?
It is not known whether Miss Redshaw underwent any medical tests following the incident last July 23.
I presume one was a test for brain function. To see how a dim chav could think it was sensible to hook up with another dim chav.
In a statement she said: 'I want him out of my life, he makes it a misery. I am always scared at what he is going to do.'
Which is why you promised to look after his beloved dog then promptly flew off to Chav Disneyland?
In mitigation defence lawyer Jon Mail, said: 'He was contacted by mutual friends and told that his dog was left alone - that's how he found out. The complainant had told him that she wasn't abroad, she was in Salford.
'This was an angry reaction on his behalf that the dog had left alone and he totally accepts that this was wrong of him. He has no intention of getting back the dog, as far as he is concerned the complainant can have it.'
Pity the RSPCA didn't get their hands on the poor animal...

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