Tuesday 2 October 2018

You Say 'Justice', I Say 'Get A Better Dictionary'...

Investigating officer PC Charles Quaey said: “I want to thank the victim for being so strong in her resolve to see justice done and to her neighbours for showing such bravery in doing what they did.
“As a result of everyone’s actions and support, Hussain was held accountable and sentenced accordingly.”
 You think...?!? You don't understand the difference between 'consecutive' and 'concurrent' then...
Hussain was jailed for 11 years for each of the causing GBH counts and two months for assaulting the officer, all to run concurrently.
He was also made subject of a three year extended licence.


jack ketch said...

s held accountable and sentenced accordingly.”

I read that as 'policeman polite'and very carefully phrased to comply with whatever guidance ie not wanting to say what he really thinks. Bet he was thinking 'Only Gf*ckingBF*ckingH ?!?!? Attacking someone in the neck with a meat cleaver is attempted murder in anyone's book. The CPS are taking the piss again'

JuliaM said...

I expect he was, unless he was one of those that seems to have given up, and joined those he can't beat.