Monday 15 October 2018

Another 'Terribly Rare Case*', Eh?

A mother-of-three has been jailed for falsely accusing a teenage boy of rape after she lured him into public toilets for sex.
Sophie Skinner, 25, was sentenced to 18 months after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice.
Twenty-five going on thirty-five, judging by her pictures...
Mr Osborne was arrested, spent 17 hours in a police cell and had to go through an 'embarrassing' medical examination.
Not as embarrassing as all your pals clocking the state of the older woman you pulled, I expect...
Newport Crown Court heard he was saved by the local council's CCTV system which caught Skinner preying on her young victim.
If not for that, I suspect the #IBelieveHer effect would have seen him sent down.
The court heard Mr Osborne lost his job and reputation while out on bail during the police investigation into Skinner's false claims.
And her excuse? Well, obviously, she doesn't have one.
The court heard 'vulnerable' Skinner, who was taken into care as a child, continued to protest her innocence.
And there's probably a lot of people who believe her. Even now.

H/T: Tim W


PJH said...

Not to condone at all what she did, but...

"teenage boy"


Uh huh.

jack ketch said...

Judge Williams said: 'Mr Osborne believes (No m'lud we ALL KNOW) that if there had been no CCTV in this case Sophie Skinner may (may? MAY?!?!?) have been believed and he would have spent years in prison.

Ed P said...

Please add a warning - the photo of the munter in the link is not suitable for breakfast time (or any other time either)

JuliaM said...

"Not to condone at all what she did, but..."

Oh, indeed. 'Boys' become 'men' according to how it serves the issues the 'journalist' believes...

"...(No m'lud we ALL KNOW)..."

Quite! It's not like there's not precedence.

"Please add a warning - the photo of the munter in the link is not suitable for breakfast time..."

The police's first clue..?