Thursday 4 October 2018

Just That Little Bit Too Wacky...

Bryan Crawford, 37, of Nether Priors, in Basildon, took his children to a Wacky World inflatables session at the Sporting Village in Cranes Farm Road.
At the event, which took place at the weekend, he said his youngest child was trapped inside one of the inflatables after the fan came away from the apparatus, causing it to collapse.
 Oh noes!
Mr Crawford said that only two members of staff were inside the hall watching the children as they used the 11 different inflatables.
So...? Don't they state that it's your responsibility to supervise the kids?
He said: “I have four children so I have to put myself in a position where I could see what all of them were doing at all times.
“My 13-year-old daughter doesn’t need too much supervision but the younger ones I had to keep an eye on.”
 So you saw immediately what happened, and ran to help?
Suddenly Mr Crawford’s youngest son ran to him in tears.
His eldest daughter told him the inflatable had collapsed on top of her brother, and she had to help him get out of the inflatable as it continued to deflate on top of him.
 Hmmm. Guess daddy had something else he was engrossed in. Wonder what it was?
He said: “He was incredibly shaken up and scared after it happened. He’s now terrified of bouncy castles.”
 That'll save you a fair bit then!
“The time it took for my little boy to get out of there and run to me could have been ages.
'Could have been'..? So you don't even know if it was?
I’m angry there was no one there to help.”
There was. His sister. Which was fortunate, as it turned out. Wasn't it?

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