Wednesday 31 October 2018

Quote Of The Month

Fahrenheit211 on yet more whinging from the usual suspects:
"Only six letter boxes. This sounds like the work of an excessively lazy Christian evangelist to me. Most of the Christian Evangelists I’ve ever come across who poke stuff through letterboxes can normally achieve a much higher strike rate than six. I had a look at the tract in question (this looks, going by the cover, like the ‘Allah has no son’ one) and yes it is anti-Islamic as one would expect a fundamentalist Christian tract to be when it comes to Islam. As for slurs I have to ask: Are these ‘vile slurs’ any worse than the words that can be found in the Koran about non-Muslims? I doubt it. In any event the level of criticism aimed at Islam in Chick Tracts is no different from the from the criticism that Chick Tracts aim at other religions and lifestyles. Chick Tracts and items like them are I’m afraid are just part and parcel of living in a society that has freedom of religion, unlike places like Pakistan for instance where there is none."

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