Monday 20 August 2012

It Just Doesn’t Seem Like Justice, Does It..?

An heroic policeman who protected children from a drug-crazed joyrider has died – four years after the ordeal that ruined his life.
The family of PC Keith Gray say he never recovered from the physical and mental scars of tackling yob Louis Browning, who ploughed into a crowd at the New Addington Christmas lights switch-on in November 2008.
A sad story.

Still, at least the criminal was properly punished for…

Browning, 20, served just ten months in jail – only half his sentence – despite absconding from an open prison after his conviction.
And yet, they still go on doing it.

H/T: Dave Ward via email and Chairforce1 via Twitter


Tatty said...

RIP PC Gray. A shocking waste of a decent life.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I'm so upset I can't be bothered to post stuff about the scumbag. RIP

James Higham said...

Never, ever stops, this. We're most certainly in the asylum, run by the inmates.

Rob said...

How can you still get parole after escaping from prison?!!