Wednesday 15 August 2012

What Sort Of ‘Community’ Is This?

Three takeaway workers ‘left for dead’ a man they thought had been disrespecting them, a jury was told.
Because takeaway salesman is clearly on a par, jobs-wise, with soldier, fireman, ambulance driver…
Burnley Crown Court heard how Asif Hussain, 39, was left unconscious and with serious injuries after Brothers Mohammed Nawaz, 44, Mohammed Javed, 41, along with Mohammed Arfan, 36, were said to have leapt from a car and set about him in the middle of Colne Road, Brierfield.
Ah. The names say it all.
The hearing was told how Mr Hussain suffered a fractured skull, extensive lacerations, severe bruising to his arms, legs and torso, a broken leg, puncture wounds and slash wounds to his legs.
He was said to have been battered repeatedly with a hammer, struck with a hockey stick and knifed.
Why is this charged as GBH with intent? Why not attempted murder?
The incident was said to have been motivated by a bid to save face in the community.
What sort of twisted, sick ‘community’ is it that you’d rather be known as someone capable of this sort of extra-legal violence?


Robert the Biker said...

What sort of community? The sort you get when you allow a stream of seventh century caravan raiders into a first world country without telling them that the cost is assimilation into the host culture.
There is a reason that the average muslim horde would put a pack of syphillitic baboons to shame; it's how they have behaved throughout their history.

ReefKnot said...

Why it's the "Honour / Shame " community. That's what sort of community it is. A feature of Arab and other Asian - especially muslim - tribal groupings. I for one don't see why we shouldn't celebrate such a splendid example of diversity and enrichment and I'm sure the BBC / Guardian Alliance would agree with me.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I agree with the poste above - leave the buggers to it.

Anonymous said...

GBH with intent is much easier to prove than attempted murder (assuming the alleged perpetrators deny wishing to kill the victim).

Woman on a Raft said...

It's a gangster community.

The purpose, as with beatings of death for refusing to cooperate with a forced marriage, is not so much for the victim as to illustrate to all the others that this can be inflicted with impunity, and therefore don't step out of line.

The Krays would have understood perfectly, as does Marty Kneecaps.

JuliaM said...

"GBH with intent is much easier to prove than attempted murder (assuming the alleged perpetrators deny wishing to kill the victim)."

Ah, of course. The path of least resistance... :/

Anonymous said...