Saturday, 19 June 2021

'Angels'...? Of Death, Perhaps...

Judge Nicola Jones said ... 'The very fact you have had to appear before the court and have to live with the knowledge of what you have caused, and the suffering you caused, is sufficient punishment.'

Not even close, judge! 

Bethan Mair Williams, 29, took her eyes off the road to sign a life insurance document on her phone while she was at the wheel on the A487 in November last year. She crashed into moped rider Mujahid Rasul during heavy rain after a 12-hour shift at Ysbyty Gwynedd hospital in Bangor, North Wales.

The end of her nursing career? Far from it! 

Pregnant Williams admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving following the crash and the court heard her employers were keen to keep her in her job.

Because a woman who disobeys the standard rules of driving will never disobey the standard rules of nursing, surely? 

Defending Elen Owen said: 'It was a terrible error of judgement. This business about life insurance had been something playing on her mind. The error was perhaps contributed to by tiredness.'

Then she shouldn't have driven. Would a police officer be shown such lenience? A supermarket supervisor? A telecoms engineer?

No, I suspect they wouldn't. So why a nurse? 

Williams, of Caernarfon, was handed a two-year suspended sentence and ordered to £5,000 compensation. She was also given a two-year driving ban with an extended test.

And now she's free to treat your elderly relative, or child. Makes you think, doesn't it? 

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