Saturday, 22 May 2021

"Their brands were still on fire and their hooves were made of steel..."

Protestors have held a vigil for...

Oh, oh! We know how these often turn out

...a runaway cow that was rammed and killed using a police van.

Oh. Well, that's all right then. But who organises a vigil for a cow?

The event was organised by the Vegan Action for Animals group.

Say no more... 

The force said the case would be passed to the Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).

And they'll get away with it without condemnation from officialdom. The police do have form, after all.  

In a statement the group said: "The vigil was a powerful and passionate meeting of people who feel very strongly that the cow was wrongfully murdered.
"This vigil was not only attended in person by local people, but also online nationwide. We had a positive response from the local community, who have been shaken by the events of last week."

If they are 'shaken' now, wait until they get the bill, that'll shake them even further! 

Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley Matthew Barber said he supported the actions of the officers, describing them as a "last resort".

Given how much it cost to repair the vehicle that was driven at a dog, we can only imagine how much it's going to cost for vehicles that rammed a cow repeatedly!  

H/T: Sobers in comments


MrMC said...

And see comments about two bears shot after escaping their enclosure at Whipsnade Zoo in the Mail online today..

Where were the vegans supporting the bears ? did they form a ring of protestors around the bears ?

Well the bears were busy mauling a wild boar I believe, so what did the vegans have to say about that ? bears are omnivores so could have raided the snack bar for some peanuts could they not ?

Anonymous said...

I hoped at first that 'the cow' was a woman belonging to one of several 'communities' - inter alia peacful, vibrant, or travelling. No such luck.

The cow had already injured people, so it had to go. How can these people be so fuckwittish?

As for the car with £1561 + pennies damage, have you got a car, Julia? It was probably a German car with a plastic bumper that cost most of the money. The cow was despatched with a van - relatively much cheaper, but probably with worse damage.

Anonymous said...

Cows lives matter.

JuliaM said...

"And see comments about two bears shot after escaping their enclosure at Whipsnade Zoo..."

Oh, indeed!

"The cow was despatched with a van ..."

No, the cow was immobilised with the van - a slaughterman did the deed after the animal had lingered in agony at the roadside. Are there no armed police in the vicinity?

"Cows lives matter."

Actually, they do. Should some traveller decide to drive into a field and hit a farmer's livestock, the police would be expected to bring charges. This is no different.