Saturday, 8 May 2021

But She's Not A Child, Judge...

Judge Rupert Lowe said: “From a great deal of what I’ve read about you it seems like you’re rather proud of that (criminal record).
“You like getting into the trouble and like getting the public to spend thousands and thousands of pounds on you, your friends seem to like it and that’s the way you’re living your life.
“People actually have a need for police when real crimes take place and children like you, who like to waste people’s time, make that impossible.
“You are effectively a badly behaved child.
"This is a troubled young lady who will need ongoing help and support.”
“I have no doubt your difficult background obviously plays a part in your bad childish behaviour, but what you will realise in due course is when you get past the age of 18 you are not a child anymore.
“There will come a point when you will have to become a grown up.
“I think you regarded that (Criminal Behaviour Order) as a bit of a game to play. You go round breaching it so you can get all the attention from the authorities.

So how old is this lisping little moppet? 

Using fake names, the 19-year-old made 16 bogus calls reporting women carrying weapons and self-harming in public.


Psychiatrist Dr Muzaffar Hussain told the court Williams, formerly from Medway and Kent Avenue, Canterbury, before moving to Basildon, Essex, did not suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder.
Her barrister Kerry Waite argued Williams is “a young person crying out for attention and help” who suffers “a great deal of immaturity”.

As the great Vampire Slayer once said "No, that's when you shout 'Help!' in a loud voice." 


Stonyground said...

Is it just because I'm an ageing old git? It sounds to me as if Williams is a young person crying out for a beating on the bottom

JuliaM said...

"Is it just because I'm an ageing old git?"

If you are, so am I!