Thursday, 13 May 2021

Unless You Vaporised The Thing, Surely It Still Can...?

A man mauled in the face by a "pitbull-type" dog was attacked and injured by the same animal just hours earlier, a shocked neighbour has claimed.
It is said that the 50-year-old victim had wanted the dog seized by council wardens following the earlier incident at a home in Bolton, Greater Manchester.
The man, thought to be the dog's owner, suffered life-threatening injuries to his face and arm during a prolonged attack at the property in the Bolton suburb of Breightmet just after 1pm on Thursday.
He was due to undergo surgery on Friday, a Greater Manchester Police spokesman told the Mirror.

Good, the police are involved and will be charging him with...

Wait. What? 

The spokesman said the dog was "destroyed before its breed could be determined".

Errr... it doesn't have to be alive for that, does it? 


Stonyground said...

Presumably they need to know the breed so that they can decide whether it is dangerous or not.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Very strange.

MrMC said...

Thry probably needed its permission to take a DNA sample

MrMC said...

How does that feel sir ?


JuliaM said...

"Thry probably needed its permission to take a DNA sample"

I wouldn't be at all surprised!