Friday, 21 May 2021

I Think This Is What You Call 'A Clue', Isn't It?

Rioters have set vehicles alight and attacked police during a night of violence in Swansea - with officers threatening 'robust' action to bring the situation under control.
The trouble is 'ongoing' and South Wales Police are urging residents to stay indoors while officers try to safely deal with the situation.

Swansea..!? What's going on? 

Locals rushed to Twitter to blast the group for gathering during what was meant to be a 'nice send off' and balloon release for 19-year-old local Ethan Powell who died this month.
His cause of death is not publicly known.

Hmmm. How very mysterious. Can social media shed any light..? 

Sylvie Bennett wrote on Facebook: 'I am shocked at the disrespect shown to Ethan Powell tonight. '
'I never knew the lad but read how many people respect him.
'I bet he is looking down on you all with disgust. He wouldn't want this and neither do his family want this.
'So know that Swansea is not proud of you as you are all a disgrace. You have not done him proud you have dishonoured him. You're the scum of the earth.'
Tegan Davies added: 'The start was brilliant but this has gone way out of hand!
'I know Ethan loved an argument with the police but this has gone next level, kids and people living by are absolutely petrified!
'The videos I’ve been sent are disgusting, I know Ethan would never have taken it this far.
'Bikes and balloons we said, not a f***ing riot!'

Ah. Yes. Yes, it can.  

And once again, we see the influence of police 'softly, softly' approach to disorder in scum communities in the past. They now know that they can get away with anything, and not only that, but film it for the delectation of other scum communities around the country. 


Ed P said...

Scummunities perhaps?

MTG 1 said...

The fact that Mr Plod can robustly deal with frail and isolated pensioners, or multi-taser white stick owners, has never been in question. Here we have a different situation...where rabble and scum unite into such a dangerous threat, that nothing less than an armed military response will suffice. Anyone expecting cowardly plod to do more than merely exploit this situation in 'there' never-ending demands for more powers, pay and exemptions, must be permanently resident abroad.

Anonymous said...

Sheep shaggers sans sheep?

MrMC said...

I am led to believe they have a special term for a sheep tied to a fence pole in Wales, I think it is "leisure centre".

JuliaM said...

"Scummunities perhaps?"

Ooh, I'm so stealing that! 😉

"I am led to believe they have a special term for a sheep tied to a fence pole in Wales, I think it is "leisure centre"."