Thursday, 20 May 2021

What Do You Call Someone Who Only Picks On The Minority?

The Government insists that hunters will face a total ban on bringing trophies of lions, elephants, rhinos and other endangered species back to the UK.
Campaigners fear a 'blood money' exemption could allow hunters to still ship trophies if they pay towards conservation.
But Environment Secretary George Eustice is said to have ruled that out and intends to introduce the 'toughest legislation in the world' later this year.
Hint: it's 'The British Government'.
To avoid a row with religious groups, the Bill will not cover religious slaughter in which the animals are still conscious when their throats are cut: halal abattoirs are exempt from the requirement to stun livestock first.
Last night, a spokesperson for Environment Secretary George Eustice said that officials were 'looking at a wide range of welfare and slaughter improvements that could be made'.
But a source said that while the Government 'would prefer all animals to be stunned before slaughter, we respect the rights of Jewish and Muslim people to eat meat prepared in accordance with their beliefs'.

So much for 'the toughest legislation in the world', George. Little Denmark has you beaten hands down.  


Dr Evil said...

Not acceptable. ALL animals should be stunned before being slaughtered. No exceptions for religions.

Alan Scott said...

Are we humans "animals" in the context?

selsey.steve said...

Go and see a so-called halal or kosher slaughter of any animal.The creature gasps through a severed trachea whilst bleeding out through severed arteries. It takes agonising minutes before the animal becomes unconscious but is still breathing. It takes more minutes before death occurs.
It is nothing but cruelty refined.

JuliaM said...

"No exceptions for religions."

We are so far behind Denmark. Their politicians have courage.

"Are we humans "animals" in the context?"

According to Tim Curry in 'Legend', yes!

"It is nothing but cruelty refined."

It's primitivism. But I guess Carrie doesn't care about that, so neither does Boris...