Monday, 17 May 2021

"Alexa, Define 'The Triumph Of Hope Over Expectation'..."

Yeah. That'll do. 

Amazing, isn't it, how the Met Police - so very speedy to yank an elderly Christian preacher off his pedestal when some snowflake complains that he's reading from the Bible - are absolutely invisible when disgusting antisemites drive all the way from Yorkshire to parade oh-so-slowly round the most Jewish areas of London for a few hours. 

Until the clamour on social media gets far too big for them to brush off.

Well, Patel, you're head of the Home Office. Don't keep expecting them to do their job. Make them do it.


Fahrenheit211 said...

I watched these incidents (yes incidents plural Met Police not just one incident but several) unfold on social media and apart from seeing conduct from these mostly Muslim 'Palestine' convoy protestors that most surely met the US standard of 'conduct likely to incite immediate and credible violence' and thereby outside the scope of the First Amendment, I also saw a police force unwilling or unable to step in and deal appropriately with these violent ROPERS. Instead the police decided that they'd initially only mention the Whitehall situation and state that they were 'engaging' with the protestors. The use of the term 'engaging' was not used by the Met in the same context that the military would use it, which is attacking or defending against an enemy, but instead was used in the context of negotiation with the violent ROPERS and stank of the sort of appeasement that we saw from the Met during the rampage of the BLM/Marxists through London.

It's interesting also to note that the Met had to be pushed, via a massive amount of public disgust being expressed against the violent Jew hating ROPERS, into making arrests and even then they have only made what look like token arrests of one group in one car. The Met appear not to be interested in the other cars in the Jew hating ROPER convoys nor is there much noise being made by the Met over an attack by men of 'Asian' appearance on an assistant Rabbi in Chigwell, East London. I have significant doubts that the Met or the CPS will push that hard for convictions in the case of those arrested for one of the car related incidents and I reckon that knowing the Islamophilia of the Met and how thoroughly the CPS has been penetrated by Islamic communal interests, there's at least a 60/40 chance that those arrested in the car incident will be released without charge and the whole matter will be 'no crimed'.
If this occurs then it will continue to raise suspicions among the public, Jewish and non-Jewish, that the Met are none too keen on being seen to act on mass law breaking where Muslims are involved, something that has been brought up in connection to the Grooming Gang scandal as London seems to have, suspiciously, no major grooming gang cases being looked into by the Met nor prosecuted by the CPS. Now why could that be bearing in mind that many of the demographic, social, cultural and political factors that have been found linked to a permissive attitude towards these Grooming Gangs elsewhere, also pertain to London?

The Met had to be dragged kicking and screaming to make even token arrests in the case. It took public pressure and a very public intervention by the Home Secretary to get the police to get off of their arses. This should not be the case especially, as you say Julia, the police wasted no time in arresting a Christian preacher who allegedly 'offended' the woke brigade. Sadiq Khan's 'hate crime' squad spend an inordinate amount of time and public resources not on cracking down on stuff that reasonable people would say should be tackled, such as someone being beaten up in the street because of their race or religion, but on 'hurty words' cases on social media. Yet, when it comes to Jews being faced by genuine and credible calls for violence, Khan's 'hate crime' cretins are conspicuous by their absence it seems.

On the subject of Khan, I did notice that he - belatedly - put out a tweet about the multitude of incidents involving convoys of hate filled ROPERS that stated that he deplored the Jew hatred and anti Muslim hatred. There was no anti Muslim hatred involved in this convoy of Jew hating ROPERS, it was mostly Muslims and Leftists going after Jews, there was no need for Khan to have mentioned anti Muslim hatred in his tweet and quite rightly he got a shedload of shit from the general public for doing so.

Fahrenheit211 said...


What we have seen in London is a very public demonstration of the two tier policing system that Britons labour under. This can't be swept under the carpet like all the other allegations of two tier policing as far too many Britons have seen it now. We've all seen how the police basically let these ROPER Jew haters run around areas of London that have high levels of Jewish population and did nothing. Imagine if you will how differently the Met would react if it was Christians driving round Tower Hamlets for example saying similar things to what these Jew hating ROPERS did? If this was the case then I don't imagine for a moment that the Met would let the convoy get more than fifty yards before stepping in and doing so in a highly aggressive manner.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few years ago, someone said that if Hamas, and all the other Islamic terrorist organisations, laid down their weapons, there would be no more war, whereas, if the people of Israel laid down their weapons, there would be no more Israel. That is the difference between the two factions. To Hamas, the deaths of Palestinians as a result of attacks on Israel, are acceptable casualties.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Penseivat, I believe that the quote was not specifically aimed at Hamas but at the Arab nations in general. Israel would gladly not have to sacrifice their sons and daughters via the military to defend Israel and all the Israelis I've spoken to want the sons of Ishmael and Isaac to live in peace and as the old expression goes 'water their sheep together on the banks of the Jordan'. Sadly the Arab nations did not want that and neither do the various Islamic terrorist groups that continue to attack Israel. Sometimes I'm not sure what will come first, the arrival of the Moshiach (Messiah) or the Arab Muslims deciding that hating Jews is not what they should be doing. Personally I think there's more chance of the Moshiach turning up soon rather than the Arabs putting aside their hatreds.

I completely agree with you that Hamas treat the deaths of Arab Muslims in Israeli counterattacks as acceptable casualties, but it is worse than that, Hamas want innocent Arabs to be killed as these innocent Arabs can then be used as propaganda assets to use to convince the useful idiots of the Western Left to believe that it's not the Islamic terrorists who are the aggressors, but Israel.

DAD said...

The little "Malak" who was "killed" in Gaza turns out to be a photograph taken two years ago of a, still living, Russian girl. I seem to remember that Hamas have done this previously.

Ted Treen said...

@Penseivat & Fahrenheit211

It seems true to state that "The IDF uses its weapons to protect its people" HAMAS uses its people to protect its weapons".

Fahrenheit211 said...

Spot on there Mr Treen. HAMAS hide behind civilians so that when the civilians that they've abused are killed by Israel as a byproduct of hitting back at HAMAS the dead bodies can be paraded in front of the press and falsely labelled as 'victims of Israel'.

More is coming out about the disgusting behaviour of the police at the weekend with allegations that police officers stood by and allowed the convoy of Jew haters, there's one claim that a police officer took a picture of the convoy with a convoy member's mobile phone to give them a memento of the event. More solid is the video featured at Darren Grimes's Twitter feed that shows a WPC joining in with the 'free free Palestine' chants.

Things are bad and they are not bad for Jews because of the tiny minority of genuine far rightists such as the barely supported lunatics of Patriotic Alternative, but because there are elements in the Islamic community who will not give up their religious commandment to hate and want to kill Jews.

We are starting to see what happens to Jews when a nation that was previously accepting of them imports millions of people from cultures that have Jew hatred baked into them like the name of a seaside town in a stick of rock.

I've got friends who know that Israel is a war zone at times but who are leaving the UK for their either because they've had children and don't want them to grow up surrounded by those Muslims who chant things like Khaybar, Khaybar ya yahud, jaysh Muhammad qadimun. ( Jews remember the battle of Khaybar the army of Mohammed is coming) or who can see the writing on the wall and have realised that when the chips are down the British police will not protect them. It gives some idea just how bad Britain has become when a warzone nation like Israel looks like a better bet than North London. This is a shameful state of affairs.

JuliaM said...

"... I also saw a police force unwilling or unable to step in and deal appropriately with these violent ROPERS."

Given how quickly we know they can respond, it was very telling as to how they viewed it, wasn't it? I hope they enjoyed the backlash they got...

"What we have seen in London is a very public demonstration of the two tier policing system that Britons labour under."

And I fear we are going to see it again today, in Luton.

"That is the difference between the two factions."

Absolutely spot on!

"... turns out to be a photograph taken two years ago of a, still living, Russian girl."

They pull this shit all the time. And it's always social media users who bust them at it. Never our trained 'journalists'...

"It seems true to state that "The IDF uses its weapons to protect its people" HAMAS uses its people to protect its weapons"."

Damn good point!

"...who can see the writing on the wall and have realised that when the chips are down the British police will not protect them."

The Barkinfside flag incident gave me hope they aren't all too cowed. Yet.