Wednesday, 5 May 2021

It's No Surprise People Don't Wait For The Police To Act...

A car dealer has slammed thugs who smashed up his van in what is thought to be a revenge attack after a dog mauled two little girls in the same street.
Atif Kayani was left angered when he found the windows of his recovery truck, which was parked outside his Saltley dealership, smashed in on Monday evening (Feb 8).
Yes, it's this case. I wondered what - if anything - had happened to it in the meantime.
West Midlands Police has revealed they interviewed a 29-year-old man under caution on March 1 and are working with the RSPCA to find a second suspect they would like to speak to.
The dog, which is said to have escaped from a local business is still in police kennels.

The answer would appear to be 'not a lot' apaet from letting Fido soak up more taxpayer cash while it awaits the needle. 

But someone in that street knows where that dog came from... 


Fahrenheit211 said...

Julia, you are correct. When the police fail to do their jobs either properly or at all and fail to deal with a horrific out of control dog incident, then invariably you will get those angered by the perceived police inaction, turning into vigilantes. The problem with vigilantes is that it's more than likely that they will end up targeting the wrong person. Assuming that West Midlands Police are telling the truth here (I suppose there must be a first time) and that Mr Kayani is nothing to do with the dangerous dog, then this may well be one of those cases of mistaken identity. If Mr Kayani's business is close to or run from premises shared with a business that is associated with the dangerous dog then his car transporter is going to be very very visible and therefore a target for those eager to exact revenge for the dangerous dog incident.

Maybe if the police had not sat on their arses over this case, the vigilantes would not have been either created or stirred up.

MTG 1 said...

Useless, resource-squandering plod? How on earth did you expect anything different to the norm?

JuliaM said...

"...then invariably you will get those angered by the perceived police inaction, turning into vigilantes."

As was mentioned on the last thread, it's only a surprise it doesn't happen more often.