Tuesday, 4 May 2021

This Judge Isn't Having Any...

Passengers were left “terrified” on board, with one saying the behaviour of Nolan and his family was: “Disorderly, erratic, it was like being at the zoo.
He called his partner “f****** ugly”, a “fat b****”, and said “nobody likes you, not even your children like you,” and threatened to “smash her face in”.
At Lewes Crown Court Nolan admitted three charges of racist abuse likely to provoke violence and one count of being drunk on board an aircraft. He was jailed for 16 months over his “despicable” behaviour.

I rather suspect that if he'd been anywhere other than an airplane, the sentence would have been negligible, as it usually is. 

But it was nice to see a judge telling it like it is, for a change:

"It was claimed you have been bullied because of your cultural background. You were behaving in exactly the same way to other people.
"You were the type of passenger that all air passengers dread. Drunk, aggressive, racist, and violent."
Nolan, of Court Mead, Northolt, Ealing, claimed he has been the victim of anti-Traveller racism in the past.
He denied being a racist, and pleaded with the judge for a final reprieve, but the judge said only an immediate prison term could be justified.



MrMC said...

That lucky heather is not working for him then...

Poppa Bear said...

Fantastic, this has raised my sadly depressed spirits no end. More please !

JuliaM said...

"That lucky heather is not working for him then..."

Heh! It's nice to se a judge in full-on 'Judge Dredd' mode. Mainly because it happens so rarely now.

"More please !"

There's a good one coming up this week! Stay tuned. 😊