Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Someone Should Go To Jail...

Disabled children in Brighton and Hove were left with unsafe, or no transport to school after council officials changed contractors in 2019.
A review into the fiasco by an independent barrister was commissioned by the city council, with a promise that the findings would be made public.

And clearly, promises were made to be broken, in Brighton... 

However, when it was due to be presented in March this year, councillors voted to kick out the press and public before deciding its contents would remain a secret.

Why? Well, that's a good question: 

The Argus can now reveal the barrister's report concluded that the council had illegally handed out contracts, broke its own rules in the process, and risked being sued by companies who missed out on the £500,000 contract.
Fearful of the council facing legal action should said companies find out they have grounds to sue, councillors decided to renege on the previous promise of publishing the document.

They know now. Let's hope they take you to the cleaners. 


Umbongo said...

Why should the councillors care? Any damages from a successful court case against the council will be paid by council tax payers. Since 2000 when the surcharge regime, whereby councillors (and AFAIAA council officials) were financially liable in person for this kind of corruption, was abolished (thanks Tony), local councillors can, more or less, do - or not do - as they like free of any financial consequences.

MrMC said...

Someone has buggered up, and it has hit the fan, quite appropriate for this particular town, so I have heard.

The Jannie said...

The trouble is that whatever happens, the ratepayers will pay.

Anonymous said...

@Umbongo and @The Jannie,

but didn't the ratepayers elect them? (Oops, forgot, that scum have votes and don't pay rates)

ivan said...

Maybe the companies shouldn't sue individual councillors by name and get the money out of the individuals - it might make them think about what they are doing to the public.

JuliaM said...

" Any damages from a successful court case against the council will be paid by council tax payers."

Yup... 😒

"...but didn't the ratepayers elect them? "

And will again, no doubt. Despite this.