Tuesday, 14 August 2018

I'm Utterly Astounded At This Story..!

No, not the spiteful actions of a so-called charity who doesn't like the idea of one of their subjects failing to follow their own desire for publicity, that's par for the course.

It's that I didn't realise there were Big Issue sellers who weren't immigrants!
Beth Thomas, Regional Manager for Wales and South West at The Big Issue, said: 'Along with other local Big Issue vendors, Andrew McGarry was invited to take part in a sell off event in Exeter on August 3 with local MP Ben Bradshaw. Andrew declined to take part.
As anyone is entitled to do with an invitation. Have you lost your dictionary, Beth?
'The sell-off experience was a great opportunity to show Ben, on a small scale, what everyday life selling the magazine on the streets is like for Big Issue vendors.
And now he has an even better idea of what it's like. And it can be summed up as 'Dance, monkey! We own you!'.

Although being Labour, he's probably on board with that....
Ms Thomas added: 'Following the sell-off taking place, Andrew informed our Distribution Team that he intended to take a week off selling The Big Issue.
He says he was told to. Who's lying?
She said: 'Since then, due to various breaches of the Vendor Agreement by Andrew, we have taken the decision that we are no longer able to supply him with the magazine.
However, we will be happy to discuss and review this decision with Andrew in the future.'
What breaches? Why were you happy for him to pose with Bradshaw before, despite these breaches?

You got it, LC!

And what of the politician?
Mr Bradshaw said: 'I very much hope that Andrew can iron out whatever differences he has with Big Issue so that he can resume his familiar pitch in Exeter.'
Mealy mouthed, twisting of a situation to make it look like the victim is the one with the (big) issue. Do you share the same hapless PR flunky as Beth, Ben? 


English Pensioner said...

I'd be interested to know what their Regional Manager earns! No doubt another highly paid jobsworth like the one at the RNLI who fires a crew member for having a politically incorrect coffee cup.

Anonymous said...

Wot's a sell-off?
Different from a sell-out?

JuliaM said...

"No doubt another highly paid jobsworth like the one at the RNLI..."

My new motto: before giving to a charity, check if it has 'regional managers'.

"Wot's a sell-off?
Different from a sell-out?"

Who knows?