Saturday, 11 December 2021

Ten Ticking Timebombs Out There...

Chief Superintendent Mark Hobrough said on Friday: "This is an extremely challenging case and a very traumatic and emotive incident, one that has understandably and correctly caused concern within the community, because this is not something that should happen."

This in response to claims the thing sired 'at least ten puppies' before killing a child. 

Where are those puppies now? Is Mark asking himself that question? Shouldn't he be?

"Obviously I have concerns over the nature of the dog. It would be impossible for me to say I'm not highly concerned over the nature of that dog. It was a danger to wider society.
"That is why it was dealt with the way it was at the scene and why this incident is receiving dedicated attention."

Why do I detect a hint of apology and regret there that they had to ventilate Fido at the scene? 

Is it because those are genuine emotions (in which case he shouldn't be a policeman) or is it because he's parroting what he thinks the locals want to hear (in which case etc, etc)?  

"We continue to gather evidence in relation to the background and history of the dog and its ownership. This will assist us with official identification of the dog which I need to stress takes time."

Once upon a time the presense of a large dangerous dog in the neighbourhood would have been noticed by the local bobby on the beat. Thank goodness such old-fashioned concepts have been abandoned in favour of 'modern policing methods', eh? 

"Obviously the transference of any dog should be done responsibly. Responsible ownership is paramount and to make sure you have sound control of your dog is vitally important."

Yes, of course, the inbred underclass scum who breed these killing machines aren't responsible owners, are they? And never will be. 

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