Thursday, 30 December 2021

Wait, Where Are All The Protests And Vigils..?

A woman was killed after suffering “blunt force trauma”, police said on Tuesday as a man was set to appear in court charged with her Boxing Day murder.

Oh, no! More violence against women and girls? 

Kirsty Louise Ashley, 29, was found dead by officers at a property Earlham Grove, in Newham, after concerns were raised for the welfare of a resident at midday on Sunday.

Gosh, I haven't heard anything from Jess Phillips about this latest case! 

Andrea Simon hasn't been in the news demanding the government do more. Patsy Stevenson hasn't proposed a vigil. 

No one's proposed running a marathon

What gives?

Yahya Aboukar, 26, of Earlham Grove, Forest Gate, was set to appear in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday charged with her murder.



Anonymous said...

If you go through all the murders in London, a huge percentage involve BAME. Either as the victim or suspect, usually both.
Aren't we lucky here?

Anonymous said...

Ah,but think of the vibrancy and diversity!

JuliaM said...

"Aren't we lucky here?"

I guess we are, since it's mostly knives, and there's little chance of a ricochet taking out an innocent...

"Ah,but think of the vibrancy and diversity!"

I tend to only think of it when I'm travelling at night... ☺