Wednesday, 1 December 2021

You Can't Fix Stupid...

Sharon Archibald, 57, and husband Michael bought the dog called Moose off a 'rescue shelter' on Facebook after falling in love with photos of the golden retriever-collie-Labrador cross breed.

Rather than going to a proper, certified rescue centre, looking at the animal itself,  asking questions about its history, etc, etc... 

But after just four days with the dog, he unleashed a horrific attack on Sharon leaving her with devastating injuries. The pair were in the kitchen washing up on November 3 when Moose came into the kitchen and put his paws on the counter top.
When Sharon firmly told him "no!" he snarled, bared his teeth and lunged at her, taking her chest in his mouth and not letting go. When Michael stood up, the dog attacked Sharon again and bit chunks out of her arm.

Gosh! Who could have predicted that?  🤔

After a ten minute struggle, with the dog was still latched onto Sharon's chest, Moose turned on Michael before he secured him in the crate.

Wait, you're in the kitchen, and you don't grab a knife to defend yourself? You don't leave the house and request armed police assistance? 

The mum-of-two recalls the seller seemed eager to get rid of the dog but he was a perfect match to what they were looking for. After being reassured the hound was a "lovely boy" and good with kids, Sharon and Michael picked Moose up from a car park in Dalwhinnie, Scotland.

Oh, it gets better, doesn't it? 

After they were attacked, the couple decided to have the dog destroyed and an emergency vet was found who put Moose down. During this time, and organiser from the rescue reached out and called Sharon's family "despicable" for having the dog killed, she claims.

I wonder if this mutt came from one of the notorious 'dog rescues' in the former Soviet areas? 

Sharon said: "The most important thing is I want them investigated.
"I want them closed, this isn't a charity they're just making money for themselves. I'm just so thankful I just didn't have any children."
The shelter has been contacted for comment.

I'm thankful you didn't have any children, too. But for quite a different reason... 


Doonhamer said...

Dalwhinnie? Look it up on a map.Nice place. Even nicer distillery.But a long way from anywhere.

JuliaM said...

"But a long way from anywhere."

So, a Scottish version of some of those remote Norfolk hamlets where everyone has the same DNA, then?