Friday, 3 December 2021

You Know What's Really Cowardly, 'Jenny'...?

Jenny, who says she lied during the trial to protect herself and her children from her controlling boyfriend said: “The justice system is fundamentally unjust. The Crown is ignorant about domestic abuse and I think this decision is cowardly.
“The court is scared of what granting the appeal would mean – it would force them to acknowledge not just my story, but that of countless other victims criminalised as a result of abuse.”
No, it's not failing to grant an appeal to you, whatever you and the other misguided activists supporting you think. 

It's choosing to have a baby with this specimen:
The court of appeal was told how Jenny’s ex-partner had subjected her to regular beatings, had locked her up, deprived her of food, and urinated on her – an experience amounting to torture, according Dr Georgina Clifford, an expert psychologist who submitted evidence to the court.
And then staying with him until the inevitable happened and an innocent child paid the price. 

It's 2021, not 1821. You had options.

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