Friday 27 May 2022

Gun Running? Oh, It's Just Youthful Hijinks...

Pauline said her son is not a "wayward" child. She said Mitchell was now "considered a danger" even though he has not threatened or harmed anyone.
"We found quite early on that the school is quite harsh," she said. "Whilst we appreciate that they are going to try and set a benchmark and a precedent for a brand new school, they are a little bit over the top in punishment."
OK, what did he do? Talk back to the teacher in class? Graffiti school property?
Mum Pauline said son Michael took the toy gun to McDonald's and gave it to a friend who Pauline said later "shot a couple of pellets at two pupils," BirminghamLive reports.


During a hearing - in which the school's board of governors upheld the exclusion - Pauline claimed she had provided "impeccable references" on behalf of her son. She claimed this included a worker at the local McDonald's where Mitchell gave the gun to his friend.


During a class debate over the three things pupils would take to a desert island, Pauline said her 12-year-old joked about packing a pair of scissors to "stab himself in the neck" as he would not want to be alone. She claimed a teacher misheard this remark and thought Mitchell was threatening them.

Well, that's believable. Right? 


MTG1 said...

Following the mandatory succession of let-offs and warnings, a prison may provide the ultimate schooling for this defiant-looking piece of merde.

JuliaM said...

I predict he'll not see the inside of jail until he's had a few more expulsions and appearances in the dock under his belt...