Saturday, 28 May 2022

When Your Race Baiting Blows Up In Your Face...

Headteacher hears the dreaded 'n' word has been deployed on social media, and explains to the culprit why it's not acceptable, even for him:
Mr Tomkins is then heard asking "And should I treat someone differently if they use the word towards you? If someone posted that and a photograph of you?".
The student tries to argue his case, telling the head "calling me it is different," to which Mr Tomkins replies: "Well, yes it is, but one should ask the question why is it different?
"Just because of your colour doesn't mean that word isn't inappropriate."

And we're off to the Offence Races! But wait... 

“The recording of what was intended as a private conversation was subsequently shared by the boy and posted more widely by other parties.
“The matter has been discussed with Kent Police who have confirmed that the headmaster has committed no offence.
"However, it is an offence to make recorded conversations public or share them online without the participant’s consent and we understand the police will be taking appropriate action in that regard.”

Sucks to be you, unnamed junior race baiter! But wait! Riding to the rescue of the usual suspects. And step aside, he's a professional:

Gurvinder Sandher, chief executive of the Kent Equality Cohesion Council, said: "From my perspective no one should in this day and age be using the n-word​ due to its problematic historical and modern-day negative connotations.
"Obviously I was not there and have not see (sic) the footage of the incident but I would hope that if this was to happen again, teachers should use the opportunity to explain fully why the use of that word/slur is completely unacceptable rather than using the word itself to make a point as it rightly causes offence."

You're a fool. That's totally not the take from this incident. Maybe look up what the words in your title actually mean... 


James Higham said...

The n word. Wot ... nobhead?

Sam Vega said...

Gurvinder, surely this word is so potent that we should ban referring to it as well as using it. That's the only safe option.

Andy said...

I recall being taught as a child that the phrase: "N-word in a woodpile" referred to an odd shaped piece of wood which could cause the whole edifice to collapse. It's apparently an old English word. I used that expression during a game of bowls while pointing out a troublesome opposition bowl. I thought it very apt at the time. This was a few years ago, I am still labeled a racist.

Stonyground said...

"Maybe look up what the words in your title actually mean..."

Parasitic charlatan?

Penseivat said...

Perhaps Gurvinder's title could untranslated as "Tunnel visioned, single issue, public payrolled, pillock".

L fairfax said...

And people wonder why we don't have enough teachers!

JuliaM said...

"The n word. Wot ... nobhead?"


"...we should ban referring to it as well as using it. That's the only safe option."

Well, quite!

"This was a few years ago, I am still labeled a racist."

Ignore them, they are obviously idiots.

"And people wonder why we don't have enough teachers!"

Enough good ones, you mean?