Tuesday 3 May 2022

Finding Their Voice...

...and winning:
Students at Durham University have been told to attend ‘anti-racism training’ after a row over journalist Rod Liddle.
The training is aimed at ‘ensuring a safer community for people of colour’.
But students have branded it ‘anti-white indoctrination’, ‘divisive’ and are refusing to attend as it clashes with exam revision.

Wait, why would even today's woke university managers schedule this sort of thing in when students are revising for exams? 

The answer might be 'they didn't'...

An email sent on Tuesday to undergraduates at John Snow College said training would be run by Durham’s People of Colour Association (DPOCA), a student body, and would be ‘mandatory’.
But after being contacted by the Daily Mail, the university said it was ‘not a University or College initiative’ and was ‘at the discretion of individuals’.

If it wasn't an official event, then maybe remove email privileges from those who lied that it was..? Go on. I dare you.  


MTG said...

One word...shameful.

Andy said...

Someone is lying. There was a time when telling lies was considered shameful, something which could destroy a reputation and career. Nowadays that behaviour will get you a promotion.

Anonymous said...

Splitters....I prefer the coloured people of Durham association.

JuliaM said...

"One word...shameful."

I've got....stronger ones. But this is a family blog.

"Someone is lying."

These days, I rather assume everyone is. Just about different aspects...

"Splitters....I prefer the coloured people of Durham association."